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This Is Where I Leave You

Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Rose Byrne, Jane Fonda, Connie Britton, Adam Driver, Timothy Olyphant, Kathryn Hahn
alprazolam | Xanax | marijuana
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His sister Wendy tells radio D.J. Judd, referring to Mort, “Dad’s dead.” (0:04)

Burial in cemetery.
Judd tells his psychologist mother Hillary, referring to his wife Quinn, “The doctor’s have her on a bunch of pain medication.”
Judd’s sister Wendy tells her husband Barry, ‘’Say hello to your brother in law; he’s bereaved.” (0:05)

The family starts sitting Shivah. Wendy: “Tell that to my shrink.” (0:12)

Hillary tells Wendy, “Secrets are cancer to a family.”
Phillip’s fiance Tracy: “So I would like to think that your family’s dysfunction helped me to get my Ph.D.”
Phillip: “Tracy is also a therapist, Mom”
”She was my therapist, actually.” (0:15)

Hillary’s neighbor Linda tells Judd, referring to Wendy’s ex-boyfriend Horry, “He gets confused sometimes.” (0:18)

Penny tells Judd, “Goddamn antidepressants I’m on.” (0:19)

Horry tells Judd his “Brain injury” restricts his activities.”
Because she doesn’t have a brain injury?” (0:21)

Hillary tells Judd, “I was just gonna say, I don’t know how you all got so repressed.” (0:22)

Paul tells Phillip, “The only thing you’ve ever grown is weed.” (0:24)

Hillary tells Judd, “If you don’t take the time to properly mourn you father here, you’re gonna regret it.” (0:27)

Guest: “Crazy, right?”
Judd asks Wendy, “Are you drunk?”
Wendy: “This is crazy enough...”
Judd: “Hey, drunk girl...”
Wendy: “You are stressed out, and you’re grieving..” (0:28)

Tracy tells Wendy, referring to Phillip, “He’s a moron. Of course I’m the moron who fell in love with him.” (0:30)

Wendy: “You guys are idiots.” (0:34)

Wendy tells Judd, referring to Penny, “I mean, it’s kind of poetic, actually, if you think about how crazy she was about you.” (0:35)

Paul’s wife Annie tells Judd, “So crazy we’re all back in this house again, huh?”
She shows him a syringe: ”Yes, I’m a drug addict.” (0:38)

Wendy asks Phillip, “How did you manage to seduce your therapist?” (0:38)

Horry experiences memory impairment. (0:49)

Penny tells Judd, “Don’t be freaked out.”
”You’re definitely freaking out.” (0:50)

Hillary tells Judd, “Also, I’m popping Xanax like Tic Tacs.” (0:54)

Phillip: “Getting wasted.”
Rabbi Grodner: ”And I mourn with them.”
Judd finds two joints in his father’s jacket. (0:55)

Judd offers a joint to Phillip.
Phillip asks Judd, “Dad was a stoner?”
Judd: ”No, it was probably medicinal.”
Phillip: “You’re fucked up.”Paul walks in: “Cannabis?” (0:56)

Hillary asks the brothers, “You got high in Temple?”
Rabbi: “Is that weed I smell? Was everybody smoking weed?”
”It’s weed. You guys were smoking weed, right?” (1:00)

Judd tells Annie, “Don’t go crazy on me right now.”
Judd: “You’ve lost your mind.” (1:01)

Wendy tells Phillip, “You know, sleeping with your shrink does not technically make you a relationship expert.” (1:04)

Wendy tells Judd, “I think Quinn’s pregnancy is just freaking you out.”
Judd: ”Yeah it’s freaking me out.” (1:07)

Wendy tells Judd and Phillip, “Let’s stop acting like crazy people.”
”Well, you guys are idiots, but you’re my idiots.” (1:15)

Phillip tells Judd and Paul, “If it gets to the point where I think you’re being idiots, you’re probably being idiots.”
Tracy tells Phillip, “You’re a narcissist with Oedipal issues. I’m a classic enabler.” (1:26)

Hillary tells the siblings, “You needed to mourn your father without any distractions.” (1:27)

Judd finds another joint in his father’s jacket. (1:37)