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Where Love Has Gone

Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Mike Connors, Joey Heatherton, Jane Greer, DeForest Kelley, George Macready, Anne Seymour
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Builder Luke tells attorney Gordon, “You mean sober, Harris. I haven’t had a drink in years.” (0:07)

Luke tells his wealthy future mother-in-law Mrs. Hayden, “Take away this suit, these medals, put me back in a three decker tenement house with a kerosene stove and a father who’s a fish gutter, when he’s sober...” (0:20)

Luke tells a bar girl he’s on a “Drug called failure.”
Bar girl: “Keep sipping that tranquilizer.”
She tells the bartender, “I can spot a hot suicide a hundred feet off.”
Bartender: “Who are you, some kind of neighborhood psychiatrist?”
She shows him a scar on her wrist.
“It’s just that I’ve been there.”
Bartender: “I feel a little suicidal myself. Would you like to psychoanalyze me, on the couch after I close tonight?” (0:56)

His sculptor wife Valerie asks Luke, “And what are you, a drunk?... You’re a drunk, a drunk, a drunk.” (0:58)

Judge: “After a five minute recess the principles and counsel will assemble in my chambers to decide custody of the child.” (1:01)

Danielle’s probation officer Marian tells Valerie, “Along with many of our mental cases.”
Valerie: ”I hope you’re not suggesting that my daughter is unbalanced.”
”One single act... does not make her a mental case.” (1:07)

Dr. Jennings tells Danielle, “I’m Dr. Jennings, juvenile court psychologist.”
Danielle: “Whoever said it is insane.”
”For a psychologist you’re not very smart.” (1:10)

By telephone his business associate George tells Luke, “Because that’s the same day as my daughter’s custodial hearing...” (1:16)

Marian asks Luke, referring to Danielle, “Did you ever notice any signs of different mental disturbance in her?” (1:32)

Valerie tells Luke, “We have no illusions left about life for each other.”
Luke: “That didn't give you carte blanche to run amok for 10 years.” (1:36)

Marian reads to the court, “It is our hope that after their examination they will send her to a rehabilitation school where she will be under competent supervision and will receive proper psychiatric therapy until she is of legal age.”
Judge: “Corrective school, psychiatric supervision...” (1:41)

Valerie stabs herself. Valerie’s funeral ends. (1:51)

How many kinds of relationship triangles can you identify in this family?