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Gene Tierney, Richard Conte, José Ferrer, Charles Bickford, Barbara O'Neil, Eduard Franz, Constance Collier, Fortunio Bonanova
Gene Tierney
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Store detective Hogan catches Ann shoplifting. (0:02)

Ann swoons in the store elevator. Hypnotist David tells store manager Mr. Simms, "This woman... is Mrs. William Sutton, the wife of the distinguished psychoanalyst."
He warns Simms not to become "the man who hounded a proud sick woman into a nervous breakdown."
Simms, "You mean she's suffering from kleptomania." (0:03)

Ann's psychoanalyst husband William tells her, referring to his secretary Ms. Hall, "I guess... Everything sounds like hysteria to her."
Ann asks about his patient, "You mean the one who won't talk?"
William: "Sits down, can't talk."
Ann: "Oh, Bill, struggling all day with those sick people and their wretched complexes." (0:08)

David tells Ann, referring to William, "What an advertisement for a renowned psychoanalyst -- married unaware to a kleptomaniac." (0:11)

Party host Tina tells Baron Feruccio, referring to David: "You must attend one of his lectures on hypnotism."
David tells Feruccio, "Nor am I quite a hypnotist... You are also a hyperthyroidic type... with a manic depressive tendency... suffering from fits of melancholia... preoccupied with the thought of committing suicide."
David, looking at Feruccio's wrist: "The cut has only recently healed -- a bad one." (0:15)

Ann tells David, "I can't sleep."
David, referring to William: "... if he finds out you have insomnia he'll start looking for its cause... on his analyst's couch..."
"Your husband would hear of it at the first psychoanalytical kaffeeklatsch she attended."
"The fact that I know of your kleptomania..."
David hypnotizes Ann. He uses suggestion. She obeys his commands. (0:17)

William reads the heading of a newspaper column: "Los Angeles Psychoanalyst Main Speaker at San Francisco Convention."
William tells Ann, "That's a great sacrifice to make for psychiatry." (0:24)

David tells his former lover Terry in a telephone conversation, "You're not going to get a chance to exercise your martyr complex..." (0:27)

David tells Ann others will see her "holding an alcoholic rendezvous with a man."
"It's better than... exploding with neuroses." (0:30)

Police Lieut. James reads to Ann, referring to "Dr. Peter Duval, psychiatrist..."
Ann: "I don't remember going there..."
"... all so mad."
"I can't remember anything." (0:41)

William tells James, referring to Terry, "Yes, in the course of her analysis." (0:52)

Attorney Martin tells William, "Ann is not responsible. That's our only and best defense -- insanity."
"The fellow's a hypnotist among his other shady practices. He may have hypnotized her, giving her suggestion to kill the woman."
William: "You can't make anyone act under hypnosis contrary to their strong religious or moral convictions." (0:59)

David tells William, "It's hard to think, full of drugs."
"I didn't know one had to blueprint the facts of life for a great psychoanalyst."
William: "You're not drugged."
David: "Your bedside manner is a little odd even for a psychoanalyst... If you can rid yourself of some of your husbandly egomania..." (1:03)

Martin tells William and Ann, "We'll plead not guilty... by reason of insanity."
Ann: "Does Bill want me put away as a lunatic?"
William: "I imagine that's Mr. Korvo's diagnosis."
Ann: "I'm a thief."
" I stole."
"... and I had to do it again."
Peter: "She... maybe laying a foundation for an insanity plea." (1:05)

James tells David, referring to his wife, "She died last month."
David: "You mean the recordings of Mrs. Randolph's analysis by Dr. Sutton?"
"Oh, it's one of the latest wrinkles in psychiatry -- wiretapping the subconscious." (1:12)

William tells James, referring to Ann, "Her kleptomania. It's probably a neurosis from her childhood."
"He couldn't make her steal under hypnosis unless she was already a thief... He made her... go... under hypnosis..."
"... a surgeon operated on himself under self hypnosis..."
"Korvo hypnotized himself..."
"There her memory can be awakened... tell us... orders given under hypnosis."
James: "I'm not going to make a fool of myself... listening to a punchy psychoanalyst." (1:16)

David hypnotizes himself using a mirror, then uses auto-suggestion to remove his pain. (1:23)

David listens to Williams recording of a session with Terry. (1:27)

William Tells Ann, "That brought back the neurosis."
"Korvo gave you an order to forget. He placed it in your mind while you were under hypnosis." (1:30)

David: "Ann, don't rely on my sanity." (1:34)

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