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Whispers in the Dark

Annabella Sciorra, Jamey Sheridan, Anthony LaPaglia, Jill Clayburgh, John Leguizamo, Deborah Kara Unger, Anthony Heald, Alan Alda,Jacqueline Brookes
amphetamine | crack cocaine | ethyl alcohol | lorazepam | Ativan | methylphenidate | Ritalin
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Psychiatrist Ann: psychotherapy sessions with artist John then gallery owner Eve. (0:04)

Ann dictates progress notes for Eve: “Patient also indicated she thought therapist may be responding to her sexual stories. Patient seemed pleased by this.” (0:07)

Her psychiatrist friend Sarah tells Ann, “I remember this patient I used to have...”
Ann: “Sarah, I think this is more than just a patient’s stories bothering me.” (0:07)

Sarah’s psychiatrist husband Leo tells Ann, “You were a medical student, and you got in trouble, and I was your therapist.” (0:10)

Ann in psychotherapy session with John. (0:13)

Ann dictates: “... saying that patient whose sessions follow his own provoked fantasies of bondage, sexual subjugation, sadism.” (0:14)

Leo in a psychotherapy session a tells Ann as his patient, “Just the first image or thought that comes to mind.”
”... is it this patient of yours, Eve?” (0:14)

Eve, in session with Ann: “I want to bare myself to you physically the way I’ve bared myself psychologically.” (0:22)

Ann tells Leo, “Of course, but I also had this intuition today. What if it’s all delusional?” (0:25)

Ann in session with Leo. (0:26)

Eve, in session with Ann: “The tranquilizers you’re giving me are not doing a thing.”
Ann: “I’ll prescribe something before you leave.” (0:30)

Eve tells Ann, “I left without my prescription.”
Eve tells a passerby, “My shrink has been sleeping with my man... My psychiatrist has been... my boyfriend.” (0:33)

Sarah tells Ann, “Any one of those patients could sue you blind.”
”’I’m reading about your husband’s pedophilic fantasies.”
Leo tells Ann, “Arnie Levin is probably the best malpractice attorney in the city.” (0:35)

Ann tells her boyfriend, “Paul, you’re drunk.” (0:36)

Ann finds Eve hanging by a rope. Detective Billy: “Looks like a suicide at this point.”
Detective Larry tells Ann, ”I understand that you were her psychiatrist.”
Ann: “She was under a lot of stress lately...”
Larry: “Stress? What kind of stress?”
”Doctor-patient confidentiality, and all of that. How long you been treating her?... Jeez, all that money changing hands, and you couldn’t even save her from killing herself.” (0:38)

Ann tells Leo, “I should have evaluated her and put her in a hospital.”
”Leo, she was my patient. You weren’t the one treating her, and I should have gone with my own instincts.” (0:40)

Poster on police station refrigerator: “CRACK.” (0:41)

Larry asks Ann, “How can you be so protective of your patient’s confidentiality when the poor girl is dead?”
”Before I was a cop I went to City College as a psych major.”
”You’re very pretty for a shrink.” (0:42)

Larry: “Dr. Hecker was Eve’s psychiatrist, Doug.” (0:43)

Ann asks Larry, “Why do you have such hostility toward psychiatry?”
Larry: “My mother.”
”She always wanted me to be a shrink. She still introduces me as her son the psychiatrist. The day she learned I became a cop she almost killed herself.”
”Doctor, the intimacies of the therapeutic process getting out.” (0:46)

Larry asks Ann, referring to an artist, “Not your usual neurotic housewife, is he?”
Ann: “I’m his psychiatrist, lieutenant.”
Larry: “Now I want you to... watch one of my therapy sessions.” (0:49)

Larry asks John, “Psychotherapy helping you overcome any of these dark impulses, John Boy?”
”It’s too bad that you didn’t have therapy before you met her... I wonder if she’s in therapy now.” (0:51)

Leo tells Ann, “A bright psychopath can fool anybody.”
Sarah: “Aside from the alcohol, he’d been self-medicating with Ritalin and amphetamines for the past few months.” (0:53)

John tells Ann, “I got these instincts inside of me that are real different than the usual ones on this planet.” He burns his hand with a lit cigarette. (0:58)

John breaks through Ann’s window and sits on the ledge as though threatening to jump to his death.
John tells Ann, referring to street artist Karsch, “They can’t find him because he’s a crackhead.”
He lets himself fall to his death. (1:01)

Leo tells Ann, “I got called to one of the dorms because a student had just received word that her father had died.” (1:06)

Ann tells Sarah, “Took some Ativan... He was never right after my mother died... he’d gathered everybody around him in the kitchen and talked to them for a while and then shot himself in the head.” (1:07)

Doug presents a glass of brandy to Ann: “McDowell’s special insomnia cure.” (1:11)

Ann tells Doug’s mother Lorraine, “It’s a really good feeling when a patient begins to make progress.” (1:12)

Lorraine tells Ann, referring to Doug’s wife Jenny, “She hung herself.” (1:13)

Doug tells Ann, “Jenny found out. She just freaked.” (1:13)

Ann tells Leo, referring to Doug, “He told Eve about his wife’s suicide.”
”She was my patient.” (1:14)

Larry tells Ann, “Since you’re a professional in the field of mental health perhaps you could suggest how I should deal with it. Maybe I should get therapy.”Referring to Leo and Sarah: ”One of them ever treat you as a patient?”
Referring to Doug: “You know they questioned him about her suicide.” (1:18)

Ann listens to Leo’s tap about her psychotherapy: “She really laughed for the first time today, then she kind of looked embarrassed, as though therapy had to be a heavy, laborious process... That idiot medical student she’s been seeing...” (1:26)