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White Bird in a Blizzard

Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandez, Gabourey Sidibe, Thomas Jane
fluoxetine | Prozac | marijuana | nicotine
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Kat tells her boyfriend Phil by telephone, "It was weird... and Dad is totally freaking out."

Referring to her mother Eve, "When she woke up, she seemed like all confused and out of it."
"And you were stoned."
Phil: "My crazy mom is imagining things again." (0:05)

Detective Scieziesciez asks Kat's father Brock, "Was she depressed? Was she on medication or taking anything?"
Kat: "She didn't kill herself..." (0:12)

Kat: "My parents' marriage was like a long drink of water from a frozen fountain..."
"There were times when I thought she was going mad..." (0:16)

Kat in psychotherapy session with Dr. Thaler: "My dad made me see a shrink... Dr. Thaler reminds me of an actress playing a therapist..."
Thaler: "That's not unusual, especially given the trauma of your situation." (0:17)

Phil, smoking a joint, asks Kat, "Is that shrink you're seeing helping any?"
"Yeah, well, my mom said therapy helped her a lot after my dad left."
"Gotta get back before my mom freaks out."
"Just give your shrink a chance, will you?... You're gonna crack..." (0:19)

Her friend Mickey tells Kat, "I'm so paranoid about AIDS I have to live vicariously through you."
Kat's friend Beth, referring to Phil, "What a... moron." (0:20)

Kat tells Phil, "My god, you're so... crazy." (0:22)

Psychotherapy session. (0:28)

Detective Theo Scieziesciez asks Kat, "Are you nervous?"
"Once there was this obese man..." (0:34)

Kat tells Beth, "You're crazy." (0:41)

Sheryl from the police on Kat's answering machine, referring to Brock: "I'm pleased to inform you that you passed your lie detector test."
Kat asks Brock, "They said that you passed the lie detector test?" (0:41)

Kat asks Eve, "Are you insane?" (0:43)

Psychotherapy session. (0:44)

Eve tells Kat and Phil, "I'm in the mood to celebrate." (0:46)

Her boyfriend Oliver tells her, "Kat, it's not like you're addicted to nicotine." (0:50)

Psychotherapy session. (0:54)

Phil tells Kat his mom is "Batshit crazy as ever." (0:56)

Kat tells Theo, "The shrink says dreams are meaningless."
Kat, referring to Brock, "That's why he used to drive my mom crazy." (1:01)

Kat tells Beth and Mickey, "You guys are... crazy." (1:09)

Phil tells Kat, "You look drunk."
"You're drunk, and crazy." (1:13)

Kat picks up a prescription bottle labeled Prozac for Brock's girlfriend May." (1:18)

Brock tells Kat, "Phil, your stoner boyfriend who can't keep a job."
Kat cries as the loss of her mother sinks in. (1:20)

Kat: "A few weeks after I left, my dad got shit-faced drunk in a bar and confessed to killing my mother. He hung himself in his jail cell with a sheet." (1:24)

After killing Eve, Brock grieves. Kate attends the memorial service for Eve. (1:27)