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White Heat

James Cagney, Virginia Mayo, Edmond O'Brien, Margaret Wycherly, Steve Cochran, John Archer, Wally Cassell, Fred Clark
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Cody tells the engineer, “You’ve got a good memory for names.” (0:04)

Theater marquis: “South of St. Louis” (0:25)

Undercover detective Hank tells detective Evans, “I joined the department to put criminals behind bars, and here I am, stir crazy.”
”This time get me somebody with a good memory.”
Evans: “This time we’ll get you a girl in the bureau who’s a memory expert.”
”You see, there’s insanity in the Jarretts.”
Referring to Cody”... he used to fake headaches...”
Referring to Cody’s mother Ma, ”He’s got a fierce, psychopathic devotion for her.” (0:30)

Inmate Parker, referring to Hank, now posing as inmate “Vic”: “He’s nuts.” (0:38)

Cody asks Ma, “What are you so nervous about?” (0:47)

Grief overcomes Cody when he learns Ma has died. (1:00)

Ryley finds Cody in bed in a straight jacket. Cody pretends to mistake him for Vic. (1:01)

By telephone Dr. Simpson tells the prison warden, “Yes sir, our psychiatrists are coming tonight. They’ll commit him to the institution.” (1:03)

Evans tells the other cops, “Jarrett’s a raving maniac. They’ve got him in a straight jacket.” (1:03)

Cody in straight jacket. (1:04)

Cody tells a psychiatrist, referring to the straight jacket and inmate "Reader,"
Psycho, put that suit on him.” (1:07)

Cody: “Reader, you get in the back and make like you’re loony.” (1:07)

Cody's wife Verna: “I can’t stand another night, Ed: listening, going crazy.” (1:11)

Vic tells Cody, “Any guy who says he can fence fifty grand of it’s crazy.”
Cody’s gangster, referring to the fence: “The Trader ain’t crazy.” (1:20)

Should we label Cody as a psychopath or a sociopath?