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White Rush

Judd Nelson, Louis Mandylor, Sandra Vidal, Deborah Zoe, Tricia Helfer, Charlie Schlatter, Taylor Sheridan, Tom Wright, Eddie Velez, Jason Cairns
cocaine | crack cocaine
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After we see packages of cocaine drug dealer Brian tells another dealer, "My partner's a little bit paranoid." (0:03)

Police detective Chick tells his friends, "A couple of hours you guys'll be... hung over..." (0:04)

Tug tells his artist friend Arlene, "It's cop paranoia."
"We stumbled into the middle of a drug war."
Arlene's husband Jay: "He's got a bag full of cocaine honey."
Chick: "Cocaine. That's right. It's cocaine... It was a drug buy... going to be swarming with DEA agents..."
Chick asks Eva, "Wasn't your brother... cocaine possession and intent?" (0:06)

Chick: "The coke... six million dollars."
Nurse Eva asks Brian, "Is your friend a drug dealer too"
Chick: "Three things can happen with the coke."
Arlene: "But you would have to deal the drugs..."
Denny tells Eva, "You could become addicted to my cooking."
Eva tells Denny, "Another addiction... just what I need." (0:12)

Kingpin Garcia tells hit lady Solange, "... and the coca disappeared."
"I want my coke." (0:17)

Brian tells Eva, "The cartels use them to retrieve drugs..."
"So, where did the coke go?"
"I just want the coke back." (0:23)

Arlene tells Chick, "I didn't know this much paranoia was required for the job."
Chick: "Paranoia's just a fringe benefit."
Referring to his daughter: "She's gonna have the best therapists."
"I want to hide the coke at the gallery." (0:29)

Chick thinks to himself, "Three things can happen with the coke."
Dealer Carlos and his friend, smoking a crack pipe. (0:34)

Tug shows Solange a vial of cocaine, fingers some into his mouth then into hers.
Chick tells Jay, "None of that coke is ever gonna make it to the streets... and all the coke will be handed over to the narco squad... instead of being a dealer..." (0:40) Solange asks Tug, "Is that when you're going to sell all of Mr. Garcia's cocaine?" (0:46)

Detective Lt. Brandt tells Chick, "Well, I found a couple grams of coke... playing around in the snow..." (0:48)

Brian tells Solange, "I don't have the coke..."
"Her friends stole the dope... the coke..."
"... he wants his coke... We'll give him his coke..." (0:50)

Chick walks into a cocaine lab. He gives a packet of cocaine to dealer Santos who snorts through straw on mirror." (0:56)

Eva tells Brian that Chick "... told me that Tug was dead and to stay out of the coke deal."
Brian: "Now tell me where the coke is."
Eva: "My friends got the drugs..."
Brian: "... get your friends to turn the drugs over."
"... give her the drugs and the money."
Eva cries when she hears Tug has been killed. (0:59)

Arlene cries when Chick tells her Tug is dead. (1:02)

Brian tells Jay, "I need to know what Chick is doing with the coke." (1:07)

Solange asks Arlene "... what you're doing with the coke."
Solange tells Garcia that Brian has "agreed to turn over the coke."
"You can't wait to see... your coca." (1:09)

Brian tells Chick he is "DEA."
Chick: "Face down for the DEA?"
Solange tells Brian, "You've got the... cocaine."
"Another day you're... a dealer."
Brian tells Lt. Brandt, "You turn in the cocaine..." (1:19)