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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Charles Fleischer, Stubby Kaye, Alan Tilvern, Richard LeParmentier, Lou Hirsch, Betsy Brantley, Joel Silver, Paul Springer, Richard Ridings, Edwin Craig, Lindsay Holiday, Mike Edmonds
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Toontown owner Marvin tells private investigator Eddie “Oh, it’s a panic.” (0:15)

Eddie grieves the loss of his brother and partner Teddy. (0:26)

Judge Doom tells Eddie, referring to studio owner RK and cartoon Roger, “He told us the rabbit became quite agitated when you showed him the pictures.”
“Since I’ve had Toontown under my jurisdiction my goal has been to reign in the insanity.” (0:31)

Herman’s wife tells Eddie, referring to cartoon baby Herman's cigar smoking, “I’ve been trying to make him quit...” (0:34)

Eddie calls Roger “Idiot.” (0:40)

Eddie’s bartender girlfriend Dolores tells Roger, “It’s a rotgut room, a holdover from prohibition.”
Eddie tells Roger, “Not prostate you idiot, probate.”
Dolores asks Eddie, referring to Roger, ”Not gonna do anything crazy, is he?” (0:44)

Eddie calls Roger “You crazy rabbit!” (0:50)

Bar patron Angelo acts for Judge Doom, “Well say hello, Harvey.”
Judge Doom: ”Quite a loony selection for a group of drunken reprobates.”
Doom tells the weasel sergeant, ”If you don’t stop laughing this time you’re gonna end up dead just like your idiot hyena cousins.” (0:52)

Eddie tells the cartoon bullets he has been “Drunk.” (1:08)

Doom tells Jessica and Eddie, “Nothing more treacherous than a slippery road, especially when driving in a maniacal toon vehicle.” (1:16)

Roger tells Doom, “We toons may act idiotic, but we’re not stupid.” (1:21)

Weasel wearing a straightjacket. (1:22, 1:25)

Doom tells the weasels, “One of these days you idiots are gonna laugh yourselves to death.”
Jessica tells Roger, referring to Eddie, “He’s lost his mind.” (1:23)

Jessica tells Roger, “I think I’m gonna faint.” (1:31)

Porky pig stutters. (1:36)

Reference in Samurai Cop