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The Whole Wide World

Vincent D'Onofrio, Renée Zellweger, Ann Wedgeworth, Harve Presnell, Benjamin Mouton, Michael Corbett, Helen Cates, Marion Eaton, Chris Shearer, Leslie Berger, Libby Villari, Sandy Walper
Robert E. Howard | Hunter S. Thompson
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Writer Robert E. Howard tells teacher Novalyne, referring to his character Conan, “To him fightin's an instinct.” (0:17)

Bob tells Novalyne, “I can’t write about men... who get drunk...” (0:28)

Her teacher friend Enid tells Novalyne, referring to Bob, “That crazy guy.”
Novalyne: “He is not crazy.” (0:34)

Bob tells Novalyne, “Thieves, drunkards, wife beaters, sex deviants...” (0:37)

Bob rages when the car fails to start. (0:43)

Novalyne tells Bob, referring to a character, “Thought she was crazy, like you.” (0:49)

Bob tells Novalyne, “When you’re young you feel the lust for adventure buried in your subconscious.” (1:22)

Telegram to Novalyne: “Bob Howard killed himself this morning.” She grieves. (1:35)

Bob’s father: “Then she heard a shot and saw him slumped over the steering wheel...He lived for 8 hours. His mother passed away the next day.” (1:36)

A stranger woman asks Novalyne, “Who’re you cryin’ for?”
”Passed on?”
Novalyne: “He took his own life.” (1:38)