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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Akim Tamiroff, Arturo de Córdova, Katina Paxinou
wormwood | ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise
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Roberto offers gypsy Rafael a glass of Absinthe. He explains the bitterness: ”That’s the wormwood.” (0:30)

Pilar tells Pablo, “... you’ve become lazy, a drunkard and a coward.”
”Listen to me, drunkard.” (0:35)

Pablo tells his horse, “You are no woman... nor any colt of a girl either, who makes a man crazy with hunger.” (0:42)

Rafael tells Roberto, “... six o’clock at night, drunk, with luck.” (0:45)

Maria comforts Joaquin who lost his sister in the war. (0:53)

Pilar tells Roberto, “... another is to see panic in the face of a boy when I say as a joke I might kiss him.”
”... that idiotic feeling that you’re beautiful grows inside you again...” (0:55)

Maria tells Roberto, “My father and my mother, I saw them killed.” (1:00)

Pilar tells Pablo, “Shut up, drunkard.”
”Wipe first your chin, drunkard, and then the table.”
Pilar tells Maria, “He’s drunk.”
Roberto asks Pablo, “Are you really drunk?”
”But not too drunk to watch your mouth.”
Agustin tells Roberto, “He’s drunk.”
One of the men: ”He’s drunk.”
Roberto: “I don’t think he’s so drunk.”
Pablo: ”Yes, I am drunk.”
Roberto: “I said cowardly, not drunk.”
Pablo toasts: ”To... all the illusioned ones... I am drunk. I wise man gets drunk to spend his time with fools.”
PIlar: “A drunkard yelled, as if at a bullfight... then a drunkard yelled...”
Pilar asks Pablo, “What trick is this, drunkard.”
Pablo: “I was drunk. Now I’m not drunk, and I’ve changed my mind.”
Agustin: ”Fools, lunatics. You’re all crazy if you believe him.” (1:08)

Pilar tells Roberto, referring to Maria, “She was half crazy.”
Pilar asks the others, “Have you lost your minds? What kind of locos do we have in our camp?”
Agustin tells Pilar, ”Swallow your tongue, woman, and choke yourself.” (1:43)

Roberto tells Maria, referring to Pilar, “She’s crazy.” (2:01)

An officer tells the Captain, “You’re crazy, Gomez.” (2:05)

Maria tells Roberto, “I could kill you before I kill myself.”
She describes how Pilar told her to cut her own throat with her razor.
Roberto: “Suppose... I give up smoking...” (2:07)

Gomez answers, “Stupidity, Col. Duval, ignorance and stupidity and crazy suspicion.” (2:24)

Maria prays: “Oh, forgive me for I’m very confused. I’m too confused now...” (2:30)

Reference in Little Boy