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Why Stop Now

Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan, Emma Rayne Lyle, Sarah Ramos, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Stephanie March, Paul Calderon, Tanya Wright
ethyl alcohol | crack cocaine | heroin | marijuana | Ted Kaczynski | OxyContin | oxycodone
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His piano teacher Dave asks prodigy Eli, “Are you trying to make me nervous or what?”
Eli: ”You believe in me, but you’re delusional.” (0:01)

him him my phone off Eli tells his friend Chloe, “I’m sobering up.” (0:04)

Eli tells his mother Penny, “Day one of rehab starts today.”
Penny: ”Why are you so nervous?” (0:07)

Sign: “C.A.M.P. Community Addiction Medical Program”
Penny tells Eli, “You’re crazy.”
Eli: ”Yeah, yeah, I’m crazy. I’m crazy, not the 45-year-old drug-addict... No, me, I’m, crazy.”
”Your daughter thought you had killed yourself. She’s nine years old, and she was hysterical.” (0:11)

The receptionist hands Penny a urine drug screen cup: “Fill that up.” (0:14)

Penny tells the counselor, “It’s not like I use drugs every single day...”
Counselor: ”And you’ve tried to stop using drugs and alcohol before?”
”First, you don’t have dirty urine...”
Penny: ”Well yeah, I mean I was kind of getting ready to come into rehab. I haven’t used in several days.”
Counselor: “Go out, cop, get high, and bring me back some dirty urine, and I will fight to get you that bed.”
Penny: “You’re telling me to go get high so I can get into rehab?” (0:15)

Penny tells Eli, “I don’t qualify for detox rehab. You have to be high to get in here.”
Eli: ”You abuse drugs.”
”I want you to get your act together and get clean...”
”So you have to get clean.”
Penny: “You know, Eli, the guy in there, he tells me, and I know this is gonna sound crazy.”
”But if I get high and can produce dirty urine, I’m in. Crazy right?”
Eli: “Yeah, yeah, it is pretty crazy.”
“Let’s get you some crack or something.”
Penny: ”And I don’t do crack, alright? You’d be a fool to do crack.” (0:16)

Eli asks Penny, “This is where you buy your drugs?”
Penny: ”You don’t buy, you cop.”
Eli: ”What, are you crazy?”
”I look like the Unabomber.”
Penny: ”When you get inside you ask for a 20 of blow.” (0:19)

Eli asks drug dealers Black and Sprinkles, “Hey guys, can I get like a 50 of blow? I’m kind of feeling like a little Jonesing.”
”... can I get like a 50 of blow you guys?”
Eli tells drug dealer Eduardo by phone in Spanish, ”These two idiots can’t understand you.”
”So, uh, alright, can I get a 50 of blow?”
”You’re a drug dealer. How do you run out of drugs?”
Sprinkles: ”I might even throw in a free eight ball.”
Sprinkles tells his mother, “You’re driving me crazy.” (0:23)

Sprinkles tells Eli, referring to Eduardo, “Tell him to get me 2 ounces of that snow white, two ounces of Beetlejuice, and a forest full of trees.”
Eli: “Beetlejuice?”
Sprinkles: “Tell him to give me 2 ounces of coke, two ounces of heroin and a pound of weed.”
Eli translates: “2 ounces of cocaine, 2 ounces of heroin...”
”Heroin. Yes, and one pound of marijuana.”
Eduardo: “2 ounces of cocaine, two ounces of heroin, and what?”
Elie: “Marijuana.”
Eduardo: “One pound of herb: “
Sprinkles asks Eduardo, “Are you... crazy?”
“What are you on, dope or dog food?” (0:29)

Sprinkles tells Penny and Eli, “You two are a bunch of wild and crazy kids, the Blooms.”
Eli swallows pills from a prescription bottle.
Penny: ”Eli, it’s Oxy.”
Sprinkles tells Eli, “That’s beyond high.”
Penny tells Eli, ”Sweety I did not know I had this Oxy in the car.” (0:35)

Sprinkles tells Black, “Look at this crackhead Christmas tree.” (0:37)

Eli tells the others, “My pops was a junkie.”
”... famous for...”
“being a junkie.”
“Does that satisfy you Mr. drug dealer... We’ll get these morons their drugs so we can get your stupid ass high...” (0:38)

Sprinkles tells Penny, referring to Eli, “He’s crazy.”
Penny: “He’s just anxious about his audition, you know.”
”He’s never taken Oxy like that before.” (0:40)

Eli tells Dave and the judges, “My mother’s got a drug dealer waiting for us in the car.”
”Even when you’re not high you’re still high.” (0:48)

Eli drinks tequila. (0:58)

Sprinkles asks Eli, “How’d you become this crazy music genius.”
Eli: ”Crazy, maybe.”
Black gives Sprinkles a packet of drug; he passes it to Eli. (0:59)

Eli tells Penny, ”We’re gonna go to rehab.”
Penny: ”You don’t eat it; you snort it up your nose.”
”I don’t need to go to rehab... I’m clean, and I can stay clean on my own.”
You’ve got a drinking problem... You get wasted every single weekend... You do the drugs, and you go to rehab, because I am fine.”
Eli: ”You are a liar, and you are a junkie.” (1:01)

Penny tells her sister: “You’re acting insane.”
Eli: “Yeah, that’s absolutely insane.” (1:06)

Eli hands penny a packet of cocaine.
Penny: “After today I don’t even feel like getting high.”
”Time to get clean.”
Penny snorts cocaine. She goes back to rehab. (1:12)