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Wide Sargasso Sea

Karina Lombard, Nathaniel Parker, Rachel Ward, Michael York, Martine Beswick, Claudia Robinson, Huw Christie Williams, Rowena King, Naomi Watts
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Antoinette: “... my father, desperate, drank himself to death.” (0:02)

Antoinette: “After Pierre died in the fire my mother went mad with grief.” (0:14)

Richard, referring to Antoinette, “There’s not a respectable man here who would so much as look at her with a drunken father and a crazed mother and a simpleton of a brother.” (0:19)

Her Aunt Cora tells Antoinette, “Richard’s a half-wit, hard as a board and stupid as a foot. I mean this honorable Englishman we know absolutely nothing about, apart from his partiality to fainting.” (0:20)

Edward opens a book: Confessions of an English Opium Eater (0:27)

Antoinette tells Edward, referring to the chalices, “They probably used them in drunken orgies.” (0:35)

Edward: “I feel like I’m floating in an opium dream.” (0:43)

Edward reads a letter from Daniel, “Her mother, she had the madness that is in all of these Creoles...” (0:46)

Another letter from Daniel: “Her mother marry again with rich Englishman who give her the moon, but her madness get worse... with the din of her raving...” (0:48)

Daniel tells Edward to ask, “Is your wife’s mother a lunatic? Was her brother a born imbecile?” (1:05)

Antoinette tells Edward, referring to her mother, “She wasn’t mad. She was lonely. That can be a kind of madness.” (1:07)

Christophene tells Edward, referring to Antoinette, “... and you love her ‘til she drunk with it...” (1:23)

The closing scene suggests Antoinette's suicide and overlaps with Jane Eyre.