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Wild Hogs

CastTim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Ray Liotta, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Durand, M.C. Gainey, Jill Hennessy, Steve Landesberg
Year released2007
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Blog entry

Cereal box: “Life is short. Go nuts.” (0:01)

A convenience store clerk tells plumber Bobby, “I didn’t want to give him the key, but I didn’t trust my instincts.” (0:05)

Young Toby calls lawyer Woody, “Moron!” (0:08)

Dentist Doug tells the others, referring to himself, “... that guy used to get high, a lot.”
Woody, referring to the movie: “Deliverance.” (0:13)

The doctor tells Doug he has had a “Stress induced panic attack.”
Doug’s wife Kelly tells him, ”You were a crazy man.” (0:16)

Doug asks Woody, “What are you, nuts?”
”Thank you Dr. Freud. Look, I’m not going back to get that bike to satisfy your bruised ego.” (0:41) Woody: “It’s the sun; it’s making us all crazy.” (0:48)

Sheriff Charley tells the Wild Hogs, “I got no problem... as long as you boys can stay sober.” (0:50)

Doug: “Hey, Woody, you know, I apologize for saying you had ego issues earlier.” (1:01)

Woody, referring to Dudley: “He’s panicking.”
Doug, referring to Dudley: “He’s panicking.” (1:04)

Bobby asks the others, “They wanna see rage?” (1:06)

Doug tells Woody, “You get to hide outside with those crazy people that wanna kill us.” (1:17)

Bobby tells Woody, “There you go talking crazy again.”
Woody: ”No, I’m not talking crazy.”
Dough: ”It’d help me get in the mood.” (1:19)

His wife Karen asks Bobby, “Have you lost your mind?” (1:29)

A biker faints. (1:35)

Reference in Hot Tub Time Machine

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