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Wild Oats

Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange, Demi Moore, Judd Hirsch, Santiago Segura, Howard Hesseman
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Funeral for retired teacher Eva's husband in cemetery.(0:00)

Eva tells Jean at wake, "I'm just a little confused today."
"No, I'm very confused here." (0:04)

Eva's student Laurie tells Eva, referring to Laurie's father Greg, "He used to drink like a crazy person, but he has been on the wagon now for six years." (0:07)

Eva asks Dr. Ferguson, "Charlie, do you have a test for Alzheimer's?" (0:09)

Her friend Maddie tells Eva, "... some people find me depressing..."
The waitress tells Maddie, "I don't know why you're so uptight about your age." (0:10)

Maddie tells Eva, "Tell them you were confused." (0:20)

Maddie tells bank guard Bernard, referring to Eva, "She's just a little nervous because her husband passed away recently..." (0:19)

Eva tells Maddie, referring to importer Lacey, "He's demented, honey."
Lacey tells Maddie, referring to his ex-wife, "I was mad to think I could keep her." (0:34)

Insurance company investigator Alvin tells Eva's daughter Crystal and son-in-law Luke, "My father always claimed we were descendants, but he was very grandiose." (0:41)

Chip tells Maddie, "I'm confused." (0:47)

Chip asks Maddie, "Have you ever seen the movie The Graduate?" (0:50)

Eva tells insurance company investigator Forbes, "I was confused." (0:54)

Alvin asks Eva, "Casablanca's playing?"
Crystal tells Alvin, referring to Eva, "She's completely confused. That would be like executing a retarded person." (1:00)

Maddie asks Eva, "You know, in The Wizard of Oz, what is that thing that they do when they tried to get into the wicked Witch's castle?" (1:05)

Wine merchant Carlos tells his wife Flavia, "It was your idiot brother."
Carlos tells Eva and Maddie, "My wife, she has postpartum depression." (1:07)

Carlos asks Maddie, "Are you out of your mind? No, you crazy woman." (1:10)

Maddie tells Eva, "I just fainted."
Carlos tells Alvin, "For years I sell these crazy bottles to billionaires to impress their friends."
Flavia: "I grew up with an IQ of 175... 'Hello, cutie pie, what's your IQ?'" (1:12)

Maddie asks Eva, "Do you think I'm crazy?" (1:16)