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Wild Strawberries

Victor Sjöström, Bibi Andersson, Ingrid Thulin, Gunnar Björnstrand, Jullan Kindahl, Folke Sundquist, Bjorn Bjelfvenstam, Max von Sydow
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In a dream physician Isak watches as a horse drawn hearse collides with a street lamp. He sees himself fall out of the coffin. (0:06)

Isak: “The faculty should have made me honorary idiot.” (0:12)

His daughter-in-law Marianne tells Isak he said, “If you need therapy, you’d better see a shrink.” (0:17)

Sara tells Isak, referring to her lover, “Anders and I are crazy about each other... He’s crazy about anything healthy.” (0:33)

Sten, referring to Berit, “My wife is a little nervous.”
”It’s psychotherapy.” (0:36)

Sten tells Marianne, “You don’t seem in the least hysterical.”
”She has her hysteria... It’s only egoism that we haven’t killed each other.” (0:38)

Viktor: “Opium for the aching limb.” (0:44)

In a dream his dead wife Karin says, referring to Isak, “And suddenly he’ gets very tender, and I scream at him that he’s mad and that his hypocrisy makes me sick. Then he says he’ll get me a sedative and that he understands everything quite well.” (1:09)

Marianne tells Isak, “I saw you with your mother, and I was panic-stricken.” (1:16)

Isak tells housekeeper Agda, “Take one of my sleeping pills.” (1:23)

Viktor tells Isak, referring to their driver, “Anders is mad about her.” (1:26)