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Wild in the Streets

Christopher Jones, Shelley Winters, Diane Varsi, Hal Holbrook, Richard Pryor, Millie Perkins, Bert Freed, Kevin Coughlin, Larry Bishop, Michael Margotta, Dick Clark
lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | 4-Methyl-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine
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When Rock star Max's mother Daphne finds him making "LSD," he refers to the drug as "Mama's little helper" and displays a sugar cube. (0:02)

Max tells his dog he would "just kill myself if I'd stay here." (0:04)

Narrator introduces "Sally... acid head." (0:08)

Trumpet player Abraham measures marijuana. (0:09)

Max's father tells Daphne, referring to their son, "That's a madman."
"That boy's insane."Daphne: "Well Max... was insane." (0:12)

Max shares a joint with business manager Billy. (0:16)

Senator Amos: "My wife has taken nothing but tranquilizers since breakfast." (0:33)

Amos tells Senator Johnny, "That lunatic boy has to... call it off..." (0:34) 

His son Jim telly Johnny, "You're part of that alcoholic generation, Dad." (1:05)

Johnny's wife Mary tells him, "Johnny, you're drunk."
Johnny: "Damn right I'm drunk. I'm a part of that alcoholic generation... We do it because we're drunk... patriotic drunk." (1:06)

Drummer Stanley tells the others, referring to Sally, "She's out with her favorite friendly neighborhood lifeguard, acid."
Max: "We put it in the water supply, right?"
Stan: "... make sure it's a happy trip."
Abraham: "A votin' trip."
Max: "We're straight."
Billy: "and them on trips." (1:07)

Johnny, intoxicated, presumably with LSD, along with other senators. (1:09)

Daphne smokes marijuana in a pipe. She tells Johnny, "... I've been under the care of an LSD therapist..." (1:10)

Stan smokes a joint with Max. (1:13)

Max: "And... we're gonna psych'em all out on LSD..." (1:21)

Older people forced to drink LSD appear intoxicated. (1:23)

"Hawaii... was given a lethal overdose of STP." (1:24)