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Wilder Napalm

CastDennis Quaid, Debra Winger, Arliss Howard, M. Emmet Walsh, Jim Varney, Mimi Lieber, Marvin J. McIntyre
Year released1993
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Cellist Vida Foudroyant tells her volunteer firefighter husband Wilder, "Last night I dreamt we were Elvis and Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas."
”... you were Elvis...” (0:10)

The snake woman asks Wilder’s circus clown brother Wallace, "So, you guys haven’t seen each other in five years?" (0:21)

Wallace asks the circus hand, "You got all the joints cotter-pinned this time, Rex?" (0:28)

Vida tells Wallace, "About a year and a half ago Wilder was managing this medical pavillion... he’s shovelin’ away like crazy..." (0:33)

Wilder asks Wallace, "... are you insane?"
Wallace: ”I don’t believe any of your paranoid bullshit anymore...” (0:43)

Wallace tells Vida, "... I Dream of Jeannie came on..." (0:59)

Vida tells Wallace, "Wilder is repressing his emotions. He always represses his emotions." (1:11)

Vida throws an object, hitting Wilder in the head.
Wilder punches Wallace in the face.
Wilder hits Wallace in the head with a board.
Wilder bumps his head and falls unconscious.
Vida accidentally hits a deputy in the face. (1:14)

Vida tells Wallace, "I guess I just got a little crazy. I got selfish." (1:20)

Wilder punches Wallace in the face.
Wallace: ”You self-hating freak.” (1:34)

Wallace punches Wilder in the face.
Wallace: ”... you passive-aggressive pissant...” (1:39)

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