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William S. Burroughs: Commissioner of Sewers

William S. Burroughs, Jürgen Ploog
William Burroughs | cocaine | heroin | heroin-cocaine | marijuana
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Burroughs: “... federal narcotics hospital in Lexington... better rooms and more medication... wouldn’t give me a goof ball... soak it in heroin, doc, and I'll suck it...” (0:00)

Burroughs: “See I wrote Junkie at the age of 35...” (0:04)

Burroughs, reading from Roosevelt after Inauguration: “While I'm there might as well put it on the sheriff for some marijuana he has confiscated... sitting there in the garden smoking the sheriff’s reefers... ” (0:22)

“Thou shalt not blow pot smoke into the face of thy pet... I will train a raccoon to bite the nose off of such a cretin.” (0:32)

Excerpt from Decoder (0:40)

The Place of Dead Roads (0:42)

Burroughs: “Some... drug addict cut my cocaine with Saniflush. Nurse, send the boy out to fill the Rx on the double.” (0:50)

Burroughs: “The air breathing potential must be there... otherwise it’s simply suicidal.”
Interviewer Ploog: “And psychologically?”
“... psychological...”
Burroughs: “... profound psychological changes necessarily.” (0:53)