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Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook, Laura Brent, Angus Sampson, Tyler Coppin
ethyl alcohol-powdered opium
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Bottle labeled “Gripman’s Brand Laudanum” (0:04, 0:16, 0:23)

Dr. Eric Price tells a woman, ”The mind... can make us see situations that appear completely real, but are in fact nothing more than illusions, perceptions of truth.”
”Sometimes we all need a little help to see the difference between reality and illusion...”
Price asks Attorney Arthur Gates, ”What do you want, a prescription.”
”It’s said, in her grief, she turned to a medium... , but the medium may have taken advantage of her mental state.”
”What stands now is a gargantuan seven storied structure... each maze of halls more confusing than the next... built on the orders of a grieving widow... Last month the board of directors enacted it’s right to assess Mrs. Winchester’s state of mind...”
”We’re worried about her sanity, Dr. Price.”
”Any kind of diagnosis from such a long distance would be impossible.” (0:06)

Young Henry tells Price, “We’re here because father died.” (0:19)

In a dream Ruby tells Eric, “A delusional disorder.” (0:23)

Widow Sarah Winchester tells Price, “Last night was quite a traumatic event.”
Price: “... has Master Henry been prone to sleepwalking in the past?”
”No, but you may know he did witness the death of his father.”
Sarah: “Do you suffer from soldier’s syndrome?”
”Are you an abuser of medication?”
”Your wife, did she believe you were a good therapist?”
”Are you an abuser of medication?”
”I know the difference between illusion and reality.”
Price: “... that truth can in turn be an illusion, created, distorted, by grief.”
Sarah: ”Silly illusions... and your medication will have to be confiscated.” (0:31)

Price: “Sarah Winchester’s psychological assessment and mental status examination... Perception: Visual hallucinations that patient often refers to as shadows or ghosts...”
Sarah, referring to her husband and child: “I will mourn William and dear Annie always.” (0:35)

Price: “I swear the Laudanum is still in my system. Let’s just hope it’s just the withdrawals. It always was withdrawals.”
“Grief can be far more crippling than arthritis...” (0:40)

Winchester tells Price, referring to the spirits, “I want to help them let go of their grief and their anger.” (0:48)

Winchester’s niece Marion asks Price, “Do you believe her, or do you think she’s crazy?”
Price: “I think crazy is a dangerous word. People have certain medical conditions, and with the right diagnosis and treatment, they can be helped.”
”My husband loved the drink more than his wife and child.” (0:51)

Price tells Sarah, “This is insanity.” (0:56)

Price tells Marion, “Henry clearly has a trauma and needs help.” (0:57)

Price: “Mrs. Winchester, there is a man in your employ who has clearly lost his mind.”
Sarah: ”Cruelty, grief and loss can make people do unimaginable things.” (1:02)

Price hears the voice of his deceased wife Ruby, then he sees her.
He tells her, “The voices are not real, Ruby... They were just inside your head.”
Ruby: “... just something that can be diagnosed and treated like any other crazy person.”
”A delusional disorder.”
Ruby places the muzzle of her rifle against her chin, but when the rifle discharges it hits Price. Trying again, she succeeds in shooting herself. (1:12)

Apparently controlled by a spirit, Sarah places the muzzle of a rifle against her chin.
Sarah tells Price, “His rage is endless.” (1:20)

Price writes, “Dear Mr. Gates, below you will find my psychological assessment and mental status examination of Mrs. Sarah Lockwood Winchester... ” (1:27)