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Wings of Desire

Bruno Ganz, Solveig Dommartin, Otto Sander, Curt Bois, Peter Falk, Hans Martin Stier, Elmar Wilms, Sigurd Rachman, Beartice Manowski
Paul Goebbels | Adolf Hitler | Vincent van Gogh
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Der Himmel über Berlin

Woman’s voice: "At last mad, no longer alone. At last mad, at last redeemed. At last mad, at last at peace." (0:03)

Man, referring to his mother: "She’s dead. No tears, no grief." (0:07)

Angel Damiel: "Isn’t what I see and hear and smell just an illusion of a world in front of the world?" (0:09)

Angel Cassiel reads to Damiel: "And a man who wanted to end it all today put a different collector’s stamp on each farewell letter..." (0:12)

Trapeze artist Marion: "Anxiety makes me sick because only part of me worries." (0:32)

Young woman: "It was a crazy idea to sand here." (0:44)

Filmmaker Peter Falk tells a young man, "And Goebbels got an actor to be Hitler." (0:47)

Falk: "Van Gogh killed himself." (0:54)

Falk describes a man as "Always worried." (1:06)

A man jumps from the roof of a tall building. (1:08)

One child tells another, referring to Damiel, "I think he’s drunk." (1:32)

Circus worker Archie: "Marion, don’t worry." (1:42)