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Winter Kills

Jeff Bridges, John Huston, Anthony Perkins, Eli Wallach, Sterling Hayden, Dorothy Malone, Tomás Milián, Belinda Bauer, Ralph Meeker, Toshirô Mifune, Richard Boone
hormone | amphetamine
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Police captain Walt Heller tells Nick Kegan and Miles Garner, "... you can't protect anyone against a nut." (0:10)

By telephone, corporate VP John Cerutti tells Nick, "Well it's startling, shocking about Miles... And Nick, don't panic. Panic is counterproductive." (0:15)

By telephone, Nick leaves a message, "Hope I don't sound too depressed..." (0:24)

His father tells Nick, referring to the President, "That moron can't read to find the men's room."
Referring to Nick's mother Emma: ”Crazy woman.” (0:25)

His father tells Nick, referring to John Kullers, "... and your wig-maker friend jumped out the window. Police say suicide ‘cause vandals wrecked his business." (0:29)

Ex-cop Ray Doty tells Nick, referring to his chickens, "Give ’em hormones of course, and amphetamines."
Nick: ”They're all on speed.”
Ray, referring to club owner Joe Diamond: ”He always kept his nightclub full of rookies, drinking beer, getting high.” (0:40)

Gameboy Baker tells Diamond, "You're also a thief who is crazy enough to steal..."
Diamond: ”This is crazy.” (0:42)

Nick tells his magazine editor girlfriend Yvette, "I've got about six different kinds of jet lag." (0:56)

Gangster Irving Mentor tells Nick, "That particular president cost that studio 50 million dollars when he stopped screwing Ella Mae Irving, and she killed herself." (1:05)

Nick tells a guard, "My father’s a patient here." (1:06)

Next faints when he sees his father’s manager Keifitz. (1:13)

Cerruti tells Nick, "It's painful to see you suffering under a delusion so intense, so aggravating that you actually believe that you have the nerve to come in here and threaten me like this." (1:23)

His father asks Nick, "Is this an attack son... or are you mad?"
Nick’s father jumps to his death. (1:28)