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Winter Passing

Ed Harris, Zooey Deschanel, Will Ferrell, Amelia Warner, Amy Madigan, Dallas Roberts, Robert Beitzel, Deirdre O'Connell, Sam Bottoms, Guy Boyd, Mary Jo Deschanel, Rachel Dratch, Laurie Kennedy, Anthony Rapp, Michael Chernus
cocaine | crack cocaine
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Actor/bartender Reese and her actor friend Ray snort cocaine. (0:07)

Reese appears to intentionally close her hand in a drawer. (0:11, 1:10)

Reese asks bartender Brian, “Do you know where I could score something around here?” (0:43)

Reese snorts from a plastic packet. Musician Corbit asks her, “Crack cocaine, huh?... Crack cocaine will fry your brain.” (0:43)

Reese tells her father’s tenant Shelly, “Yeah, well, when you grow up in a house full of neo-Marxist, anti-TV, ex-hippie workaholics, Nancy Drew can become your best friend pretty... quick like.” (0:46)

Reese asks Shelly, “Don’t you have your own family to psychoanalyze?” (0:52)

Reese asks Corbit, referring to her father Don, “Did one of his stalkers freak him out or something?”
Corbit: “... I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to take someone else’s prescription medication.” (0:54)

Don tells Reese, referring to Reese’s author mother Mary’s suicide, “I found her hangin’ on a coat hook on the back of the door. She used a necktie.” (1:00)

Shelly tells Reese, “In your mother’s third letter she talks about killing herself... In her next letter she said that she felt better, and that her thoughts of suicide had subsided...” (1:06)

Dr. Staley tells Reese, referring to Don, “Fortunately the sleeping medication he took is designed to time release... that he never got a potent enough dose...”
”I don’t anticipate any cognitive deficits.” (1:21)

Don tells Reese, referring to Mary, “I just can’t stop thinking about her.” (1:26)