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The Wizard

Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Jenny Lewis, Beau Bridges, Christian Slater, Will Seltzer, Sam McMurray, Wendy Phillips, Vince Trankina
Glen Campbell
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His teacher tells Jimmy’s parents , “Though Jimmy is a heavily traumatized boy he has a certain fixation with building, stacking things.” (0:04)

Their father Sam tells his sons Nick and Corey, referring to their mother Christine, “She has custody now.” (0:06)

Corey reads a sign: “Greenriver Hospital” (0:09)

Christines wife tells Sam, referring to Jimmy, “I have to see that he is returned here for the kind of treatment that he needs.” (0:11)

Nick asks Sam, “Have you lost your mind?” (0:21)

Haley asks Corey, referring to Jimmy, “He’s what, too crazy?” (0:22)

Putnam tells Sam, “There’s no cause to get crazy.” (0:23)

Putman, referring to motorists: “Idiots.” (0:33)

Nick tells Sam, referring to Jimmy’s deceased twin sister Jennifer, “She and Jimmy together, they’d both go nuts.” (0:39)

Nick, referring to Sam: “He’s losing his mind.” (0:41)

Corey asks Haley, “Aw, are you crazy?” (0:43)

A bully tells Jimmy, “Thanks for the hat, moron.” (0:45)

Corey tells Haley, referring to Jennifer and Jimmy, “She just died, in a few feet of water, right in front of him.” (0:46)

Putnam tells a video gamer, referring to a picture, “This one’s a mental case.” (0:48)

Putnam: “Woods, you maniac!” (0:49)

Theater marquis: “Glen Campbell” (0:50)

Putnam, by telephone: “Mrs. Bateman, you forgot to tell me that your ex-husband is a maniac, but with maniacs I get more.” (0:55)

The bully tells Nick, referring to his hat, “I got if from a moron.” (0:57)

Sam asks Nick, “What kind of a crazy idea has that kid got? (0:57)

Putnam tells police officers, “I got a letter of custody for that kid right here in my pocket.” (1:02)

NIck: “You’re losin’ it pop.” (1:03)

Game contestant Lucas tells, Jimmy, “You know, I hope you don’t get nervous like last time, Wiz.” (1:12)

Putnam: “You maniac, where are you?” (1:19)

Does Jimmy better portray posttraumatic stress disorder or autism spectrum disorder, or both?