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The Wolfman (2010)

Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, Art Malik, Simon Merrells, Gemma Whelan, Mario Marin-Borquez, Asa Butterfield, Cristina Contes, Max von Sydow
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Pub patron: “He thought it was a werewolf.”
Referring to actor Lawrence’s mother Solana: ”Went crazy up there in the ward. Killed herself.”

Lawrence: “She was crazy...”
Man: “You’re in your drink now, boy.” (0:15)

Lawrence’s father Sir John tells Lawrence, “You mean a raving lunatic.” (0:19)

Ben’s fiancée Gwen cries when Lawrence presents her with deceased Ben’s possessions. (0:22)

Lawrence finds his father holding his mother who has apparently killed herself. (0:25)

A carriage takes Ben’s body and loved ones to burial. (0:25)

Lawrence tells Gwen, “Which is why he put me in an asylum for a whole year, then shipped me off to my aunt in America.” (0:26)

Sir John tells Lawrence, “The moon is full tonight, and I’d prefer that you stay inside tonight in the event that your raving lunatic theory is correct.” (0:27)

Sir John tells Inspector Aberline, referring to Lawrence: “Yes, he’s been quite seriously injured, inspector, and he’s suffering from a loss of memory.” (0:41)

Inspector Aberline tells Lawrence, “Well, the savagery of the attack would suggest the action of an animal, or a lunatic, perhaps, someone with a history of mental disturbance who’d spent time inside an asylum and who may have suffered injuries at the hands of his victims.“ (0:43)

Aberline tells widow Kirk, “As I don’t know where the lunatic will strike, it seems the practical thing to do is to stay as near as possible to the potential victims...” (0:54)

Sir John tells Lawrence, referring to Solana, “I know that losing her wounded you deeply... Her death finished me. I was devastated.” (0:59)

Lawrence becomes a werewolf. (1:01)

A villager holds the muzzle of his pistol to his head and pulls the trigger, but the chamber is empty. (1:04)


Lawrence in a straight jacket and restraint chair.
Psychiatrist Dr. Hoenneger: “You disappoint me, but we have made enormous strides in the treatment of delusions such as yours.”
An assistant emerses Lawrence in ice water.
Another injects him. (1:07)

Lawrence is subjected to electroshock. (1:08)

Sir John: “Lycanthropy. Yeah, lycanthropy.”
Lawrence: “You should kill yourself.”
Sir John: ”I became drunk and violent...” (1:09)

Hoenneger: “I attempted to remove these mental fabrications, but now, 25 years later, I find that young Lawrence’s harmless hallucinations have manifested themselves into delusions of a horrific nature.”
Lawrence gagged and restrained in a wheelchair.
”He will have taken his first small steps down the long road to mental recovery. Now we are all aware that Mr. Talbot has suffered quite traumatic personal experiences. He witnessed his mother’s self-mutilations... but your father is not a werewolf. You were not bitten by a werewolf. You will not become a werewolf...”
Lawrence: “You moron.”
Hoenneger: “Yes, well, as you can see, lycanthropy is a disease of the mind... The subject before you has, for the past month, undergone both pharmaceutical and physical desensitizing in order to reduce the nervous exaggerations.”
Lawrence again becomes a werewolf.
Hoenneger screams at a man outside the door, ”Idiot!” (1:14)

Headline: “ESCAPED LUNATIC AT LARGE...” (1:27)

Gwen turns the pages of a book about lycanthropy. (1:29)