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A Woman Under the Influence

Peter Falk, Gena Rowlands, Fred Draper, Lady Rowlands, Katherine Cassavetes, Matthew Laborteaux, Matthew Cassel, Christina Grisanti, Mario Gallo, Eddie Shaw, Charles Horvath, James Joyce, John Finnegan
Peter Falk | morphine
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By telephone, construction worker Nick Longhetti, tells Chick, referring to Mabel, "With my wife, you moron." (0:02)

Mabel’s mother Martha tells the children, referring to Mabel, "Your mother's terribly nervous." (0:03)

Nick tells co-worker Eddie, "Mabel's not crazy. She's unusual. She's not crazy, so don't say she's crazy... What the hell is crazy about that?" (0:08)

Mabel drinks heavily. (0:13)

Distracted or intoxicated, Mabel tells Garson Cross, a man she picked up in a bar, "I'm not in the mood for games, Nick." (0:19)

Nick tells a co-worker, "Don't worry about it." (0:24)

Nick yells at Mabel, "Wacko!"
”I don't mind you being a lunatic.”
”Not lunatic.” (0:41)

Their son Tony tells Nick, referring to Mabel, "She goes crazy." (0:45)

Nick tells Martha, "Don't worry about it." (0:49)

Mabel asks Nick, "You think.. that I'm wacko or something?" (0:51)

Tony tells Mabel, "You're nervous, too." (0:55)

Mabel her daughter, "Maria, you take the girls up and put on some eyeshadow and lipstick and some of those crazy, you know, costumes you do." (1:00)

Harold Jensen tells Mabel, "I'm worried about the kids, about leaving them here with you."
”... and the reason I'm worried is that you've been acting a little strange.” (1:02)

Nick slaps Mabel. (1:04)

By telephone, Nick, raging, tells Katherine in Dr. Zepp’s office, "Mabel's crazy."
Nick tells Mabel, ”You're gonna be committed.”
Mabel: ”You hit me...”
Mabel asks Dr. Zepp,”Is morphine a pill? Sure I've taken pills: vitamin pills, sleeping pills, uppers, downers, inners, outers.”
”I do have anxieties, though.”
Nick's mother Margaret asks Zepp, ”Doctor, aren't you going to give her a shot?”
Nick tells Mabel, ”One, you're acting crazy, and, uh, for what?”
Margaret tells Zepp, ”This woman is crazy.”
”She's crazy.”
”Doctor, she's crazy.”
Zepp draws up a syringe. He tells Mabel, who has become agitated, “I'd like to give you a little sedative to calm you down.”
”This’ll make you rest, this little sedative.”
”Mabel, you're gonna have a nervous breakdown.”
Mabel, referring to the children: ”They're subject to insanity.”
”Insanity, morning, noon, and night.”
”That's Insanity, isn't it?” (1:06)

A co-worker tells Nick, referring to Tony, "He said something about, uh, Mabel being in a nuthouse."
Nick: ”She got a screw loose.” (1:26)

Nick’s co-worker Vito tells Tony, "Don't worry about it." (1:33)

Nick, letting them drink beer, tells his children, "We could all get too, too drunk." (1:35)

Nick tells a woman, "Don't worry." (1:40)

Margaret asks Nick, "Are you crazy? Have you gone out of your mind?" (1:44)

Dr. Zepp tells Mabel, "I'm sorry to have been the one to have done the committing." (1:51)

Nick tells Mabel, "Don't worry." (1:58)

Margaret, referring to Mabel: "She's a little crazy in..."
”Don't worry about the asses.” (2:03)

Mabel: "At the hospital, they come in every morning, and they give you a shot... then you go to, uh, work therapy, where they teach you games and, and how to weave things... They give us shock treatments, which are... those are where electricity goes through your head and is supposed to..." (2:09)

Nick wrestles a razor blade away from Mabel.
He slaps her, knocking her down. (2:13)

Tony tells Mabel, "I'm worried about you."
Mabel: ”Aw, sweetheart, don't worry about me.”
Nick tells the children, ”... we love each other and there's nothing to worry about.” (2:18)

Mabel tells Nick, "You know I'm really nuts."
Nick: ”Don't worry about it.” (2:22)

Does Mabel's behavior meet diagnostic criteria for any mental disorder? How much does Nick's response contribute? Would ECT likely help? Did her six months in a psychiatric hospital help?