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Women's Prison

Ida Lupino, Cleo Moore, Jan Sterling, Audrey Totter, Phyllis Thaxter, Howard Duff, Warren Stevens, Barry Kelley, Gertrude Michael
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Prison matron Sturgess tells prison doctor Crane: “We have no time to fool with hysteria cases.” (0:10)

Crane tells new inmate Helene, “Here, take this. It’s a sedative thats all.”
Crane tells Sturgess, “Just a case of nerves, that’s all.” (0:12)

Superintendent Amelia tells inmate Brenda, “Martin, be quiet, unless you want the straight jacket too.”
Guards lock straight jacketed Helene in a padded cell. (0:16)

Crane asks Sturgess what was done to Helen: “The jacket?”
Sturgess: “Well yes, she... She had to be restrained.”
Sturgess tells Amelia, referring to Helene: “Well, I found her unconscious in the jacket.”
Crane tells Amelia, “Have them strap you in a straight jacket and throw you in a black hole overnight.”
Amelia:”She was probably a borderline psychopath when they brought her in here.”
Crane: “She’s suffering from a guilt complex that’s close to madness.” (0:21)

Inmate Dottie tells inmate Mae, “You’re nuts.” (0:28)

Amelia tells Helene’s husband Don, “I hate to tell you this, but I’m afraid your wife is a borderline psychopath.”
Don: “Your matrons treated her like a homicidal maniac.” (0:33)

Amelia tells Crane,“You know, I’m a student of psychology doctor.”
“Yes, even a psychopath.”
Crane: “You’re the psychopath Amelia.” (0:35)

Joan tells her husband inmate Glen, “You’re crazy.” (0:38)

Joan faints. Inmate: “She’s fainted!”
Joan: “I guess I just fainted.” (0:43)

Dottie impersonates a movie character: “It’s either a case of mental psychosis, or you’re just plain screwball. A physio-chemical response to unhealthy thinking.” (0:44)

Joan: “Brenda, I’ve got to tell somebody, or I’ll go nuts.”
“This is driving me crazy.” (0:45)

Dottie asks Sturgess, referring to Amelia and Joan, “What’s that old van Zandt trying to do, drive the girl crazy?” (0:51)

Crane orders the nurse to get “adrenaline chloride.” (0:56)

Joan dies. Glen grieves. “She’s gone Glen.” (1:10)

Crane orders Warden Brock, “Get a straight jacket.” (1:17)