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Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Mandy Patinkin, Daveed Diggs
diphenhydramine | Benadryl
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Young Auggie: " I love to... drive my big sister crazy." (0:01)

Auggie, referring to classmate Charlotte: "Crazy kid." (0:06)

Auggie tells his homeroom, “I love Star Wars.” Numerous other references to Star Wars occur in the rest of the film. (0:17)

Auggie's father Nate tells the rest of the family, "Just trying to lighten the mood." (0:21)

Auggie's sister Via’s best friend Miranda tells Via, "Sorry, it's been crazy." (0:28)

His student friend Jack tells student Julian, referring to Auggie, "Yeah, if I looked like him, I think I'd kill myself." (0:45)

Auggie’s mother Isabel watches Dirty Dancing with Via. (0:45)

Auggie tells Via, referring to Jack, "He said he'd kill himself if he looked like me." (0:48)

Via’s student friend Justin tells her , "I'm not saying poison or anything, but just a little Benadryl to knock Miranda out before the show." (0:56)

Miranda: "... everyone went crazy." (1:02)

Auggie tells Isabel, "I'm not an idiot." (1:11)

Auggie texts Jack, "Truth... would you really kill yourself if you looked like me?" (1:16)

Drama teacher Mr. Davenport tells Miranda, "Okay, everybody gets nervous." (1:18)

Via, as Emily in the school production of Our Town: "I have a wonderful memory." (1:20)

Student Julian hands Auggie an ugly sketch labeled "Freddy Krueger." (1:26)

Julian's mother tells school principal M. Tushman, referring to Julian, "We had to take him to a child psychologist to help him deal with his night terrors." (1:28)

Isabel tells Nate, "Let's get drunk." (1:32)

A nature reserve counselor announces to the kids, "Tonight’s movie will be The Wizard of Oz." (1:33)

Cruel kids compare Auggie to characters from The Hobbit. (1:35)