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Wonder Boys

CastMichael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Frances McDormand, Robert Downey Jr., Katie Holmes, Rip Torn, Jane Adams, Richard Thomas, Alan Tudyk, Philip Bosco, George Grizzard, Kelly Bishop
Year released2000
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Student Howard tells Professor Grady Tripp, “The stories made me want to kill myself.”
Tripp, referring to student Hannah: “... I knew her to be insightful, kind and compulsively clad in red cowboy boots.” (0:03)

Grady lights a joint. (0:04)

Grady tells his agent Terry Crabtree, referring to Terry’s friend Tony, “She’s a transvestite.”
Terry: ”You’re stoned.”
Grady: ”She’s still a transvestite.” (0:06)

Grady’s college chancellor lover Sara Gaskell tells him, “I wear the same scent as a transvestite. She is a transvestite, isn’t she?” (0:10)

Gaskell’s husband Walter tells Tony and Terry, “In fact, I personally believe that every woman in some way desires to be Marilyn Monroe.” (0:11)

"Q" Morewood: “... so I find myself conflicted.”
Grady tells Hannah, “Ask him if he’s conflicted about his house in the Hamptons.” (0:12)

Grady lights and tokes a joint. (0:13)

His student James answers Grady: “Son of Fury, with Tyrone Power and Frances Farmer.”
”She went crazy, Frances Farmer.”
James: “So did Gene Tierney.”
”I have trouble sleeping.” (0:14)

Hannah tells the others, “James’ll know about George Sanders.”
James: “George Sanders?”
Hannah: “Mr. Crabtree was saying how George Sanders killed himself, only he couldn’t remember how.”
Referring to James: “He knows all the movie suicides.”
James: “Pier Angeli... Donald ‘Red’ Barry... Charles Boyer... Charles Butterworth... Dorothy Dandridge... Albert Dekker.. He wrote his suicide note in lipstick on his stomach... William Inge... Carole Landis... George Reeves... Jean Seberg... Everett Sloane... Margaret Sullavan... Lupe Vélez... Gig Young...”(0:17)

Grady shows James photos of Marilyn Monroe and a jacket that belonged to her. (0:18)

James: “No, the dog was crazy, Professor Tripp.”
Grady: “Don’t freak out, all right?” (0:23)

Grady tells James, “That’s our old friend Mr. Codeine.” (0:25)

Grady tells Terry, referring to James, “I don’t think he needs sexual confusion...”
Grady, referring to Vernon Hardapple: “He’s addicted to painkillers.” (0:34)

Grady, referring to Sara: “She was a junky for the printed word, and lucky for me I manufacture her drug of choice.” (0:42)

Grady smokes a joint. (0:44)

James answers Grady: “Blocked.”
Grady: “Well I don’t believe in writer’s block.” (0:47)

Grady: “James, you’re hungover.” (0:52)

James finds a joint in Grady’s car. Grady lights it and shares it with James. (0:55)

Grady: “Smoke the rest of that joint, James, you can start chewing on the box.” (0:57)

James lights a joint. (1:00)

Grady tells his wife Emily’s father Hank, “I don’t want to stalk her.” (1:02)

James finds a bag of marijuana in Grady’s car. Grady tells him, “Lay off my dope.” (1:03)

Grady lights a joint. (1:10)

Poster on the wall of James’ room: “All Fall Down
James tells Grady and Terry, “Like in Against All Flags only they used a couple of gigantic hams.” (1:18)

Grady smokes a joint. (1:20)

Hannah tells Grady, “... I was just wondering if it might not be if when you wrote, you weren’t always under the influence.”
Grady: “... I am not the first writer to sip a little weed. Furthermore, it might surprise you to know that one book I wrote, as you say, under the influence, just happened to win a little something called the PEN award, which, by the way, I accepted under the influence.” (1:28)

Vernon tells waitress Oola, referring to Grady, “He’s crazy.”
He asks Grady, ”Are you crazy?”
Referring to Terry, ”He’s a crazy man.” (1:31)

Terry asks Grady, “What about Hemingway when Hadley lost all those stories?”
Terry tells Vernon, “All I’m saying is that sometimes, subconsciously a person will put themselves in a situation, perhaps even create that situation, in order to have an arena in which to work out an unresolved issue.”
Grady tells Oola, referring to the jacket, “It used to belong to Marilyn Monroe.”
Vernon tells Grady, ”Man, that book of yours must’ve been one nutty ride.” (1:33)

Sara’s husband Walter tells the audience, “And finally... Terry Crabtree... has also decided to publish my own book, a critical exploration of the union of Joe and Marilyn Monroe...” (1:41)

Grady pulls a bag of marijuana from his pocket. He asks janitor Traxlor, “You get high, Sam?” (1:43)

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