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Words on Bathroom Walls

Charlie Plummer, Andy Garcia, Taylor Russell McKenzie, AnnaSophia Robb, Beth Grant, Molly Parker, Walton Goggins, Lobo Sebastian, Devon Bostick
Jeffrey Dahmer | aripiprazole | Abilify | clozapine | Clozaril | quetiapine | Seroquel | risperidone | Risperdal | trifluoperazine | Stelazine | Tozaprex
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High school student Adam Petrazelli: "... soon after, I started hearing the voices."
”Call it what you want: a distraction, self-medicating...”
”How hard could it be to hide my burgeoning insanity from the unforgiving ecosystem that is high school?”
Visual hallucinations begin. (0:01)

An hallucinated man, "Bodyguard," tells Adam, "Don’t worry, boss..."
Adam: ”They called it my first psychotic break... Schizophrenia, a chronic mental disorder in which a person loses touch with reality, allowing for visual and auditory hallucinations, paranoia, delusions.” (0:05)

Another student asks Adam, "Where’s your straight jacket, freak." (0:06)

Bodyguard tells Adam, "Just tell me when you want to start cracking skulls, kid." (0:07)

Adam, referring to Beth: "... just like all the other delusional moms..."
Abilify. Risperdal. clozapine. Stelazine. Name a drug cocktail, and I’ve tried it.” (0:08)

Poster: "Diagnosed with Schizophrenia... Tozaprex." (0:08)

Adam: "... I’m part of an elite club they call treatment-resistant, which means we’re probably not going to have our own ‘It’s not your fault.’ moment from Good Will Hunting..." (0:09)

Bottle labeled Tozaprex (0:09)

Adam hallucinates. (0:11)

Sister Catherine: "... Adam has begun a recent medical trial to help treat his condition."
”We will need monthly updates regarding his psychiatric treatment of course.” (0:12)

Beth tells Adam, "You’re going to feel better once you start taking the medication." (0:14)

Student Maya asks Adam, "Are you mute or something?"
”Not mute.” (0:15)

Adam tells Maya, "I have this chronic headache syndrome..."
Maya: ”Several malignant tumors mimic the symptoms of a common headache...”
Adam: ”Are you the school’s drug dealer or something?” (0:18)

Adam takes Tozaprex. The hallucinations waiver. (0:20)

Adam: "As if being mentally ill automatically makes you Jeffrey Dahmer."
”... I don’t know what’s weirder, seeing things that aren’t actually there...” (0:20)

Adam tells a psychiatrist or psychotherapist who we never see or hear, "When that voice comes to visit me, it’s like having a nightmare when I’m awake..."
”... and I maintain that this drug won’t work either...” (0:22)

Adam sees words on the bathroom wall: "Does Jessica Redi have an eating disorder?" (0:24)

Adam: "No... punishing side effects..." (0:30)

Adam asks Beth, "Wait, did you talk to my psychiatrist?" (0:32)

In confession, Adam tells Father Patrick, "I see this psychiatrist..." (0:34)

Adam tells the psychiatrist, "No visions." (0:36)

Maya tells Adam, "I feel like such an idiot..."
Adam: ”That's crazy.”
Student: ”Hey, straight jacket.”
”Your handler’s actually pretty hot, straight jacket.”
”... You don’t want to hang out with a psycho.” (0:38)

Adam: "... now that my hallucinations are MIA, everything is so quiet..." (0:42)

Adam tells Father Patrick, "I’m just worried that maybe she found some things out about me, like the psychiatrist..."
Patrick: ”... the older you get, the more difficult it is to stay sane...” (0:43)

Adam holds a disk of Never Been Kissed. (0:51)

Adam tells Maya, "This grill’s insane."
Referring to benchmark exams, ”Why’s everyone so obsessed with those here?”
Maya: ”You basically stalked me.” (0:52)

Adam tells the psychiatrist, "... i was reading the pamphlet you gave me about the potential side effects of this drug... tremors..." (0:58)

Adam repeatedly discards doses of his medication. His hallucinated entourage returns. (0:59)

Auditory hallucinations return. (1:00)

Adam tells the psychiatrist, "... when you have schizophrenia, people can’t wait to make you someone else’s problem." (1:04)

Maya tells Adam, "I’m worried about you." (1:04)

Never Been Kissed (1:05)

Adam tells Beth, “I want you to say that you haven’t stopped taking your medication behind my back.”
”Okay, I’m sorry for getting in the way of you and Paul and the new baby and your perfect new life that doesn’t include a crazy stepson who hears voices..." (1:09)

Adam tells the psychiatrist, "... I was really starting to look forward to our Good Will Hunting moment." (1:13)

Sister Catherine tells Adam, "It’s been brought to my attention that you’re no longer taking your medication." (1:14)

Adam hallucinates writing on the bathroom walls: "Adam is a schizo; Crazy; He’s dangerous; Voices" (1:15)

Adam hallucinates Patrick saying, "Why don’t you kill yourself?" (1:17)

Adam: "This is insane." (1:18)

Adam’s Darkness voice: "Take all the pills."
Adam swallows all the pills. (1:20)

Adam experiences sensory distortions. (1:22)

Beth tells Adam, referring to Maya, "She’s worried about you."
Adam is restrained.
Beth: ”We didn’t want you to hurt yourself.”
Adam tells Maya, ”I’m crazy.” (1:25)

Adam asks a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, "This is Seroquel?" (1:28)

A nurse tells Adam, "Group session in four minutes."
Father Patrick prays: ”Please watch over Adam on his road to recovery.” (1:29)

Paul writes to Sister Catherine, "Every step of the treatment has been reported... Your threat to expel him is abusive, and we will not tolerate it." (1:33)

Adam, hallucinating, speaks at graduation: "... that’s because I have schizophrenia... It’s a chemical disorder... in the brain, and it makes you hear voices and see things that aren’t there... believing the voices in my head..." (1:37)

Adam tells Maya, "I’m always gonna see things and hear things that I shouldn’t, and the drugs aren’t always gonna work..." (1:41)

Adam asks the psychiatrist, "Am I gonna sit here and tell you that things like love and honesty can cure crazy?" (1:42)