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In a World...

Lake Bell, Demetri Martin, Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Ken Marino, Fred Melamed, Alexandra Holden, Eva Longoria, Tig Notaro, Nick Offerman, Geena Davis
Valium | diazepam | alprazolam | Xanax | caffeine
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Louis tells Carol by telephone, referring to actress Eva Longoria “She sounds like a retarded pirate... Sorry, I never use the word ‘retarded’ in a derogatory way... if you have a cousin or a friend who’s retarded...” (0:00)

Carol: “This Wednesday one woman will teach another woman to sound a little less retarded.” (0:01)

Carol asks her voice over artist father Sam, “So you know that mentally unstable guy... that lunatic...?”
Sam: ”It was all about enabling.” (0:05)

Carol’s concierge sister Dani tells Carol, “The Eastern Europeans are a really paranoid group already.” (0:11)

Louis tells Carol, “Hey, sorry about that stupid rambling message... when I said retarded a bunch of times. I didn’t mean actually retarded. I think I just get nervous or something...” (0:13)

Recording technician Heners tells Louis, referring to Gustav, “Rape him for his open bar, idiot.” (0:27)

Louis asks Cher, “Have you seen my stress ball?” (0:29)

Gustav tells Carol, “I know this sounds crazy...” (0:41)

Dani tells Moe, “So she wanted me to cover for her, ‘cause her sister whatever, is, like, in AA, or she now is in AA...” (0:42)

Gustav tells Sam, “And here’s the crazy thing...” (0:49)

Cher tells Carol, “Hey, um, I heard through the grapevine that they want you to VO the promo for that crazy trilogy...” (0:50)

Dani tells Sam, referring to her mother, “I mean she did OD on the prescription meds that she had to take to deal with the anxiety that you caused her.”
Sam: “Your mother had a deep affection for Sudafed which accidentally interfered with her love affair with Valium.”
Carol: ”It was Xanax.”
Dani: ”It was Xanax.”
Carol: ”It was definitely Xanax.”
Jamie: “I don’t drink caffeine.” (0:57)

Louis tells Carol, “My mom has ADHD, it’s like, it’s called positive road blocking.” (1:4)

Louis tells Carol, “In case you can’t get to sleep I left some homeopathic sleeping pills next to the water.” (1:08)

Louis tells Carol, “And I’m not drunk, BTW.”
Carol: “The sleeping pills.” (1:16)