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World's Greatest Dad

Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Alexie Gilmore
marijuana | Robin Williams
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Lance walks in on his son Kyle engaged in auto erotic asphyxiation in his room, reacting as though he believes Kyle has killed himself (0:02).

Lance smokes a joint on the porch (0:25 ), while writing (1:06)

Lance finds Kyle dead from auto erotic asphyxiation in his room (0:36). He composes a suicide note and rearranges the evidence to give the appearance that Kyle hanged himself (0:39).

The principal introduces Dr. Pentola, psychotherapist and grief counselor, to Lance (0:44).

Lance brings brownies laced with marijuana to his neighbor (0:48). When she reluctantly lets him enter, he discovers her home is filled with stacks of old newspapers (0:49).

When a newspaper publishes Kyle's ersatz suicide note, all who knew and disliked him react (0:51).

Dr. Pentola talks to Lance about suicide (1:04).

A male student confides to Lance that he almost killed himself (1:26).

Would watching this film help parents to stop blaming themselves when their children disappoint them or to know that a parent can dislike her child but still love him?