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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Terra Vnesa, Dean Armstrong, Tenika Davis, Kaitlyn Wong, Jennifer Pudavick, Victor Zinck Jr., Ali Tataryn, Samantha Kendrick
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Dr. Ryan tells Dr. McQuaid: “We have 182 patients... Each patient in here should be considered dangerous or a danger to himself.”
”We hope to rehabilitate the patients if at all possible...”
Referring to three inmates as the Hillicker brothers: “Definitely the most dangerous patients in the hospital.”
”They have an advanced form of congenital analgesia.”
”No offense, doctor, but these are beyond your type of therapy...” (0:00)

One of the Hillickers uses a Lektron Laboratories electroconvulsive therapy device to electrocute Dr. McQuaid. (0:07)

Kyle tells Claire, referring to his father, “I thought he was gonna jump off a bridge.” (0:11)

Vincent tells Kyle, “Idiot, it’s frickin’ freezing out here.” (0:15)

Vincent: “I’m busy with my patients.”
Claire: ”I felt this presence in my room at night.”
”You’re a... pervert.”
Jenna: ”Isn’t that where crazy people are locked up?” (0:22)

Claire: “He’s kind of cute when you’re stoned.”
Vincent: “Hey, I found a patient ward...” (0:24)

Movie showing electroconvulsive therapy. (0:33)

Lauren, referring to her brother and the inmates: “He said they ate each other. Cannibals.” (0:34)

Claire tells Kyle, “We’re almost out of weed.” (0:38)

Daniel tells Jenna and Kenia, “It’s snowing like crazy.”
Sara, referring to Vincent: “I saw him last night doing his peeping Tom bit.” (0:39)

Daniel: “Vincent definitely would have checked to see if there were any drugs left behind.” (0:42)

Kyle tells Claire and Kenia, referring to Vincent, “Yeah, he’s probably stoned right now in a corner having a bad trip somewhere.” (0:45)

Lauren: “The cannibal hillbillies my brother told me about.” (0:48)

Jenna: “This is crazy.”
Daniel: “It says they... showed signs of cannibalism.” (0:49)

Kyle, referring to the brothers and Daniel: “... they’re eating him. They’re eating him alive...” (1:01)

The surviving girls grieve the loss of Porter and Vincent. (1:08)

Sare grieves the loss of Bridget. (1:24)