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Yelling to the Sky

Zoë Kravitz, Tim Blake Nelson, Gabourey Sidibe, Jason Clarke, Adam Tomei, Marc John Jefferies, Shareeka Epps, Antonique Smith
cocaine | marijuana | marijuana-cocaine
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Boy: "Your mom still in the nuthouse, Sweetie?" (0:02)

Her father Gordon hits Ola. (0:15)

Boy1: "My mama got the illest pill connect this side of the Atlantic, bitch."
Boy2: "Ain't got shit on my father's coke connection." (0:19)

Sweetness rubs a scar on Lorene's wrist. Suicide attempt? (0:26)

Gordon reads a letter informing him of the death of his brother. (0:29)

Gordon hits Sweetness. (0:34)

Roland tells Sweetness, "Powder to keep them awake. Pills to help them sleep. Mad chronic."
Sweetness tries to roll a joint. (0:37)

Sweetness deals drugs to other students. (0:38)

Sweetness deals drugs on the street. (0:39)

Sweetness smokes a joint, shares it with Fatima and Jojo. (0:40)

Sweetness rolls a joint. (0:43)

Her friend lights Sweetness' joint. (0:45)

Realizing Roland has died Sweetness grieves. (1:02)

Sweetness rages. (1:03)

Sweetness enters a room of partiers, including her principle Coleman, using drugs. Coleman hands her a straw and instructs her to snort cocaine from a mirror. Coleman snorts a line. (1:09)

Ola tells Sweetness, "You're lit." (1:12)

Sweetness asks Lorene, "Were you at a mental hospital?" (1:23)