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CastBarbra Streisand, Mandy Patinkin, Amy Irving, Nehemiah Persoff, Steven Hill, Allan Corduner, Ruth Goring, David De Keyser, Bernard Spear, Doreen Mantle, Lynda Baron, Jack Lynn
Year released1983
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A woman tells Yentl, "If she should make jokes about finding a husband at her age, I should worry." (0:03)

Yentl’s father, Rebbe Mendel, tells Yentl, "That tree was this high when your brother Anshel died." (0:15)

Burial of Rebbe Mendel in a graveyard (0:16)

Yentl dressed as a boy (0:19)

Yentl (now calling herself Anshel) tells Avigdor, referring to her father, "He died eight days ago... You're in mourning too?"
Avigdor: ”My brother.” (0:29)

Avigdor tells Anshel, "Don't be so nervous."
Anshel: ”Why should I be nervous?” (0:36)

Anshel asks Avigdor, referring to Avigdor’s fiance, Hadass Vishkower, "Is she always that nervous?" (0:48)

Avigdor compares Anshel to his brother when he was "... moody."
Anshel: “Who’s moody?”
Avigdor: ”Worried about something?”
”What have you got to worry about?”
”It'll put you in a better mood.” (0:56)

Avigdor tells Anshel, referring to Hadass’s father Reb Alter Vishkower, "Says a streak of melancholy runs in our blood."
Referring to his brother, ”He committed suicide.” (0:59)

Anshel tells Avigdor, "It was like a madhouse. The whole family is going crazy."
”In my eyes you're crazy.”
Avigdor, referring to Hadass: ”Anshel, the thought of her with another man is driving me crazy.”
”Avigdor, you're talking like a madman.” (1:04)

One tailor asks another, "Are you crazy?" (1:16)

Avigdor tells Anshel, "Her mood must be as yours... and when her mood is ready, let her desire be satisfied first." (1:21)

Hadass’s mother Esther tells Hadass, "As I said, you must be nervous... See, there's nothing to be nervous about." (1:22)

Avigdor tells Anshel, "So my crazy plan was crazy after all." (1:48)

Anshel tells Avigdor, "What if there were some crazy law that said all men called Avigdor or all men with brown eyes were forbidden to study?"
Avigdor: ”This is crazy.” (1:51)

References in Connie and Carla, In & Out

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