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You Kill Me

Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, and Dennis Farina
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One might learn much about the workings and jargon of recovery
and Alcoholics Anonymous by watching this film.

Hit-man Frank's friend Stef tells him, "I've been reading about that seasonal affective disorder." (0:02)

After Frank botches a hit his boss Roman conducts what might qualify as an intervention of sorts for Frank's "substance abuse problem," "trying to facilitate your recovery" for which Frank must "get into AA." (0:06)

Frank attends the first of many meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. (0:09) The speaker says, "I'm almost glad I slipped." (0:11)

At another meeting a female speaker talks about her "eating disorder" and speaker Brenda reads a list of sponsors. (0:15)

Frank reads Tom G's book "Reflecting on Recovery" at home. (0:23)

Frank, while working at the mortuary, uses a mirror to read the words "One Day at a Time" tattooed on a corpse. (0:24)

Another AA meeting (0:26)

After Frank tells his AA sponsor Tom he is leaving the meeting early because he has a date. Tom tells him, "at the beginning there's not always room for both the program and women... or men for that matter." (0:27)

Frank and Tom discuss the AA concept of a higher power. (0:29)

Frank, attending a wake, repeatedly refuses offers of drinks, saying he's "on the wagon," but he ultimately gives in, drinks, and gets drunk with disastrous consequences (0:36)

Frank speaks for the first time at an AA meeting. (0:42)

Frank (working the eighth step?) tells Laurel about his inventory of people he has harmed and his plan to make amends. (0:49)

Prayer at an AA meeting. (0:51)

At another AA meeting Frank, attempting to comfort the last speaker, shares with her his own problems with low self-esteem. (0:54)

Laurel, Tom, and Frank paraphrase the serenity prayer with humor, but not without respect. (1:00)

Frank drinks again. (1:03)

Frank, intoxicated and despondent, almost jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge, but changes his mind. (1:12)

Frank tells Stef about taking it "one day at a time." (1:17)

Frank attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Buffalo. (1:18) Frank speaks. (1:22)

Frank speaks at another AA meeting, this time celebrating one year of sobriety. (1:27)