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You Will Be My Son

Niels Arestrup, Lorànt Deutsch, Patrick Chesnais, Anne Marivin, Nicolas Bridet, Valerie Mairesse, Jean-Marc Roulot, Urbain Cancelier, Xavier Robic, Nicolas Marié
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Opens in a crematorium. Vintner's son Martin waits while a casket burns. (0:00)

Martin carries an urn from the cramatorium. (0:03)

Martin's father Paul tells a reporter, “... only to be drunk, as we all know, on your knees and hats off.” (0:04)

Paul tells his wife Alice, referring to Martin, “He took 20 years to say a sentence without stuttering.” (0:14)

Martin sees the urn containing his grandfather’s ashes in the wine cellar. (0:20)

Alice: “It’s one of Paul’s obsessions.” (0:38)

Martin stabs his hand with pruning shears. (0:51)

Paul sprinkles some of his father’s ashes in a vat of grapes. (0:53)

Vintner Philippe tells his father, winery steward François, referring to Paul, “He’s nuts.” (0:55)

Alice tells Paul, “You’re crazy.” (1:08)

Philippe's mother Madeleine tells Philippe, “He’s out of his mind.” (1:20)

Paul finds Alice and Martin at the grave of Martin’s mother. Paul tells Martin, “Always anxious... She overprotected you for four years, and it killed her.” (1:21)

Martin’s car leaves the road and rolls. Driving while intoxicated. (1:26)

Alice and Martin at the mortuary. The casket burns. (1:36)

Martin spreads Paul’s ashes in the vineyard. (1:38)

How could you help Martin avoid the trap of his primary parental triangle? How well does Alice avoid a dysfunctional triangle with her father-in-law?