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Young Adult

CastCharlize Theron, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth Reaser, Collette Wolfe, Jill Eikenberry, Richard Bekins, Mary Beth Hurt, Kate Nowlin
Year released2011
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Girl on TV: "It's like made my self esteem go down really bad." (0:00)

Young adult author Mavis tells her high school sweetheart Buddy, "I am insanely busy, as always." (0:15)

Bookkeeper Matt tells Mavis, "I would find a therapist." (0:21)

Buddy tells Mavis, "You sound like one of your crazy characters." (0:30)

Mavis picks hair from her head. Trichotillomania? (0:32)

Matt tells Mavis, "I was tired and drunk." (0:37)

Matt's special education teacher wife Beth tells Mavis, "A lot of my kids learn emotions cognitively... This is what anxious looks like..." (0:45)

Guitar player Mariy Ellen tells another guitarist, referring to Mavis, "Psychotic prom queen..." (0:46)

Mavis tells Matt, "I have depression."
Matt asks Mavis and her cousin Mike, "Strychnine?" (0:53)

Mavis tells her parents Hedda and David, "I think I might be an alcoholic."
David, referring to Mavis' hair: "You're not still pulling it, are you?" (1:00)

Matt asks Mavis, "Want to get hammered?" (1:02)

Matt tells Mavis, referring to Buddy's sweat shirt, "You look completely insane wearing it."
Matt: "You're hardly an authority on happiness, 'Sylvia.'" (1:03)

Hedda tells Mavis, "You're drunk."
Mavis: "I've been drunk since I've been back, Mom."
Buddy tells Mavis, "It's obvious you're having some mental sickness, some depression. You're very lonely and confused." (1:14)

Mavis tells Matt, "I'm crazy." (1:16)

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