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The Young Girls of Rochefort

Catherine Deneuve, George Chakiris, Françoise Dorléac, Jacques Perrin, Michel Piccoli, Jacques Riberolles, Grover Dale, Geneviève Thénier, Henri Cremieux, Pamela Hart, Leslie North, Patrick Jeantet, Gene Kelly, Danielle Darrieux, René Bazart
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Composer Solange tells her twin sister dance instructer Delphine, "The town's crawling with soldiers, sadists and painters!" (0:35)

Pianist Andy tells a shopkeeper, "But I meet a girl and I go crazy. (0:46)

Carnie Bill tells Solange, Delphine, and carnie Etienne, "Depressing!" (1:09)

Waitress Josette tells Café keeper Yvonne and artist Maxence, "A sadist's on the loose." (1:16)

Solange asks Maxence, "Would the sadist be you?" (1:18)

Delphine tells Andy, "It's not that I'm so giddy." (1:21)

Etienne tells the others, referring to Bill, "He been thrown out, drunk as a tar."
Bill: "I got drunk." (1:30)

Delphine tells the others, "The sandman's gone a bit insane." (1:32)

Bill tells the audience that with a Honda motorcycle one can, "Ride on air. No stress. No Cares." (1:36)

Bill reads from a newspaper to Yvonne and Etienne, "Sadist Had Murder Weapon at Home." (1:48)

Solange tells Simon and Delphine, "It's so crazy!" (1:51)

Yvonne tells Maxence, referring to murder suspect Subtil, "He's the sadist." (1:53)