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Your Sister's Sister

Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass, Mike Birbiglia
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Al and Tom's brother Jack eulogize Tom. (0:02)

Jack tells Hannah, "I'm so sorry I freaked you out."
Hannah: "Yeah, where the crazy lady was brandishing the oar." (0:13)

Hannah asks Jack, "What, the lush factor?"

Jack: "The self-aware lush factor." (0:17)

Hannah and Jack engage in heavy drinking. (0:21)

Jack tells Hannah, "Pam is a... moron."
Hannah: "You're so... weird and drunk right now." (0:23)

Jack tells Hannah's sister Iris, "I know, it's crazy." (0:33)

Hannah tells Jack, "You are freaking me out on so many levels right now." (0:36)

Hannah: "It was insane."
Referring to their father, "He went through his crazy Warren Beatty phase."
Jack: "That's so crazy..." (0:38)

Iris tells Hannah, "I can't sleep."
Referring to Jack: "Well, it's because he's nervous, though. He just gets a little postury when he's nervous."
"He made this, like, really drunken pass at me once..." (0:44)

Jack tells Iris, "I can't sleep."
"That's crazy." (0:49)

Jack rages, smashing his bicycle. (1:21)