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Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

Dennis Quaid, Rene Russo, Sean Faris, Katija Pevec, Dean Collins, Tyler Patrick Jones, Haley Ramm, Brecken Palmer, Bridger Palmer, Ty Panitz
Jackson Pollock | hormone
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One of his twin sons asks his Coast Guard rear admiral father Franklin “Frank” Beardsley, "Did the guy above wet his bed?" (0:01)

Frank tells his son Dylan, "It looks like a nuthouse." (0:03)

Handbag designer Helen North tells her business associate, "Hey Max, thank you for being so incredibly patient."
”It gets a little crazy around here sometimes.” (0:05)

Coast Guard Capt. Darrel Edwards addresses Frank as, "Mad Dog Beardsley. Who’d ever think they’d let Frank the Mad Dog back here...?"
Referring to Ethan: ”Mad Dog, Jr.” (0:07)

Jimi North tells his brother Aldo, "I think it’s hormones." (0:09)

Ethan: "I’m worried."
William: ”Don’t worry, Eth.” (0:09)

Claudia tells Frank, referring to her ex-husband, "That is the kind of thing that would drive Darrell crazy." (0:12)

Max asks Helen, referring to Frank, "Were you distracted by his good conduct medal?" (0:14)

Helen tells Frank, "My husband passed away about four years ago."
Frank: ”I lost my wife a few years ago.”
Helen: ”Probably sounds crazy.” (0:17)

Jimi asks Helen, "Are you crazy?" (0:19)

The boom hits Frank in the head. (0:26)

Frank tells Helen, "I’m just giving up on my dream of having an all-family sailing team." (0:27)

Helen’s daughter Phoebe: "Oh, this family is nuts." (0:28)

Frank tells William, "Don’t worry." (0:29)

William tells Christina, referring to Frank, "He’s probably out dreaming up new ways to run our lives." (0:31)

Frank tells the kids, "You turned a 220 year old paneled foyer into a Jackson.,."
Helen: ”Pollock
Frank: ”Pollock.”
Helen: ”That’s just a metaphor.” (0:44)

William asks the other kids, "Who knows what drives our parents crazy better than we do?" (0:46)

Frank tells Helen, "That’s just a pipedream anyway." (0:52)

Helen tells Frank, "No, maybe not directly, but in that whole orderly, military, regimented brainwashing thing."
Frank: ”You left out anal-retentive.” (0:56)

Jimi tells Christtina, "Oh, don’t worry." (1:03)

Frank tells the kids, "... that was self-centered of us." (1:13)