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Youth (2015)

Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Jane Fonda
Eva Braun | Adolf Hitler | cocaine | morphine
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His daughter and assistant Lena tells conductor composer Fred Ballinger, "You're a victim of your own apathy, Daddy." (0:15)

Ballinger tells the doctor, "My daughter says I'm apathetic." (0:17)

Actor, off screen, tells a woman character: "You've been watching too many movies, you idiot."
”Don't you dare accuse me of having no talent again, you idiot.” (0:17)

Ballinger tells his movie director friend Mick Boyle, "I wonder what happens to your memory over time." (0:21)

Fred tells Mick, "You're quite the magician of metaphor." (0:27)

Fred tells Mick, referring to a couple at a nearby table, "They're mute."
”They are not mute.”
Mick tells his son Julian, referring to Fred's daughter Lena, ”She's far too intelligent for you.”
Singer Paloma Faith: ”I'm the woman Julian’s lost his head for...” (0:29)

Lena Charles Fred, referring to Julian, "That doesn't really seem like a confused man to me." (0:32)

His masseuse tells Fred, "I'm going to give you a different type of massage because you are stressed... You're not stressed; you’re emotional." (0:54)

Miss Universe tells actor Jimmy, "I literally went crazy when you played Mister Q." (1:04)

A young girl tells Jimmy, "... so there's no reason to worry." (1:07)

Fred tells Jimmy, "They tell me I'm apathetic, so I don’t do anything."
Jimmy: ”Well even actors from California, when they're not getting drunk, snorting coke, or hanging out with anorexic models, occasionally read Novalis.” (1:07)

A screenwriter tells the others, "How about he says, ‘Not even morphine can help me now’." (1:12)

Jimmy made up as Adolf Hitler (1:13)

Mick tells Jimmy, "Brenda wanted to play Eva Braun a hundred years ago."
Jimmy: ”I can't play Hitler.” (1:18)

Actress Brenda tells Mick she's going to play "An alcoholic grandmother who suffered a serious stroke... I can pay for Jack’s drug rehab. I can pay all the debts of my idiotic future ex-husband..."
Mick: ”You're... an idiot.” (1:25)

Mick jumps to his death. (1:39)

Brenda grieves. (1:40)

Fred grieves. (1:40)

Fred visits the graves of Igor Stravinsky and his wife in a cemetery. (1:43)