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Yves Saint Laurent

Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne, Charlotte Le Bon, Laura Smet, Marie de Villepin
Yves Saint Laurent | cocaine
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His manager Yvonne tells fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, referring to Therond from Paris Match and model Victoire, "He's wooing her like crazy." (0:05)

Yves' entrepreneur lover Pierre, to himself: "We do not know where taste comes from, or instinct." (0:11)

Yves tells a reporter he feels "Anxiety." (0:12)

"Dr. Steinler, head of psychiatry," introduces himself to Pierre at the gate to the psychiatric hospital: "It's no mere anxiety attack. Mr. Mathieu-Saint-Laurent is manic-depressive." (0:29)

Pierre: "Boussac took advantage of your breakdown to suspend your contract and have you replaced." (0:32)

The Baron's representative tells Pierre, "A psychiatric hospital is not a great guarantee." (0:35)

Pierre, referring to Yves: "It's the side effects of the treatment." (0:36)

Pierre calls the critics "Idiots!" (0:45)

Pierre tells Yves, "You're plastered."
"You have it all, and you're a lush." (1:02)

Yves tells the others, "If it continues we'll look like idiots." (1:08)

Yves snorts cocaine with models. Pierre tells model Betty, referring to Yves, "His bullshit drives me crazy." (1:11)

Yves reads to Pierre: "He belonged to that magnificent, pathetic family of neurotics which is the salt of the earth. All great things we know come from neurotics."
Pierre: "You're seeing the shrink on the 15th." (1:14)

Pierre tells designer Loulou, "Giving drugs to Yves is forbidden." (1:15)

Lines of cocaine on a mirror. Designer Karl's lover Jacques tells Yves, "You confuse me." (1:20)

Yves snorts cocaine. (1:27)