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Yves Montand, Irene Papas, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jacques Perrin, Charles Denner, François Périer, Pierre Dux, Georges Géret
epinephrine | Adrenalin
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General Missou: “That is where, if you’ll excuse the metaphor, young shoots have not yet reached four or five inches.” (0:02)

A thug pushes down a poster for “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” (0:17)

The prosecutor tells the deputy prosecutor. “Those necrophiliacs!” (0:40)

General Missou tells the prosecutor, referring to the assassin, “No, arrested for a minor offense -- drunk driving.” (0:43)

Assassin Vago tells a reporter, “Two drunks in a three-wheeler.” (0:44)

The surgeon: “I can’t evaluate the physical and mental effects of this concussion, even if the operation succeeds... Adrenaline shots, too.” (0:52)

The head of security tells Grigoris’s wife Helene, “We have the culprit, a drunken thug.” (0:52)

General Missou tells the magistrate, “It seems he was asleep in the back of the three-wheeler, dead drunk...”
The magistrate reads a witness statement: ”By the time they left at 10:00 p.m., they were drunk.”
Prosecutor: “... the culprits are in jail on charges of drunken driving and assault and battery.” (0:56)

Helene grieves the death of her husband. (1:00)

The magistrate tells deputy prosecutor, “The other man was drunk.” (1:07)

Woman, referring to the witness, driver Yago’s brother-in-law, “He’s drunk.” (1:10)

The witness tells the magistrate, “The general... calls it a nervous disorder.”
”I’m not nuts.” (1:14)

The witness tells his sister, “Now some other idiot buys you dresses.”
A journalist tells the sister, referring to the witness, “They say he’s crazy but can’t prove it.”
Sister: “What if he is crazy and had epilepsy as a kid?” (1:15)

The magistrate tells the prosecutor, “We began with an accident and two drunks.”
”It would be simple as a drunk driving case, but that’s no longer possible.”
Prosecutor: “... two fanatics, drunk to boot.” (1:36)

The attorney general tells the magistrate, “As if it’s not enough that our country’s been invaded by long-haired thugs, atheists and junkies of unclear sex...” (1:55)

An officer tells the magistrate, “Indict me, and I’ll commit suicide.” (1:57)

Missou tells the magistrate, “Either I’m cleared or I commit suicide to avoid dishonor.”
“I’m no pervert, thank God.” (2:00)

Reporter: “Seven other witnesses died before the trial... a suicide...” (2:03)