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Zazie dans le Métro

Catherine Demongeot, Philippe Noiret, Hubert Deschamps, Carla Marlier, Annie Fratellini, Vittorio Caprioli, Jacques Dufilho, Yvonne Clech
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Cab driver Charles tells Zazie’s uncle Gabriel, “They’re all morons.” (0:06)

Barmaid Mado: “Mr. Charles, you’re a melancholic.”
Charles: “Melancholic, my ass!” (1:09)

Zazie tells Gabriel, “To drive those brats nuts.”
”I’ll drive the Martians nuts.” (0:11)

Gabriel asks landlord Turandot, “Know what ‘unintelligent’ means, you moron?” (0:13)

“Pedlar” Pedro asks Zazie, “Your parents beat you?” (0:22)

Zazie tells Pero, “Pop is drunk as a skunk.” (0:27)

Gabriel tells Pedro, “Okay, so I dance in drag at a nightclub.” (0:36)

Zazie tells Charles, “You must be repressed. Wait for me. Tell me about your hang-ups.” (0:50)

Zazie, referring to Madame Mouaque: “She’s wacko.” (1:01) 

Madame Mouaque says to herself, “I must be out of my mind.” (1:07) 

“See a ‘psicky-analyst.’”
”I’ve tried dream analysis.” (1:16)

One gendarme tells another, “Mezzanoche madness.” (1:20)