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Zero Motivation

CastDana Ivgy, Nelly Tagar, Shani Klein, Heli Twito, Meytal Gal, Tamara Klingon, Yonit Tobi, Yuval Segal, Elad Scemama
Year released2014
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Behavioral addiction Soldier Daffi tells soldier Tehila, referring to their commanding officer, "Rama is... a little uptight and a dumb-ass moron." (0:06)

Soldier Zohar asks Daffi, "Are you crazy?" (0:15)

Soldier Ethan tells Tehila, "This is a stressful time."
"I didn't call you back because things were crazy..."
Ethan tells his girlfriend Anattie, referring to Tehila, "She's crazy.”
"This is insane." (0:19)

Tehila cuts her belly. (0:22)

The others find Tehila dead in her bunk. (0:24)

Rama tells the others, "Not only did a soldier commit suicide..." (0:25)

Daffi, holding a staple gun to her head: "I'll kill myself too."
"I'm gonna kill myself."
Soldier Irena, "Kill yourself first."
Daffi: "I'll drink white-out. It's poison." (0:27)

Rama tells the others, "Just don't get drunk on me. As if you can get drunk on grape juice." (0:36)

Zohar tells Irena, "I'm not anorexic-bulimic like you." (0:37)

Soldier Shira: "Yeah, Rama, I'm gonna faint." (0:41)

Irena tells Zohar, "No one will want you like this, a hysterical virgin..."(0:44)

Zohar tells the others, referring to Tehila, "The girl slits her wrists..."
Irena: "Paranoid virgin."
Irena imagines Tehila crawls into bed with her." (0:49)

Zohar asks Irena, "Are you crazy?"
Irena: "I had a neighbor who was stabbed. Later I saw his hand coming out of the drawer."
Zohar, referring to the infirmary, "So go there, psycho." (0:56)

Zohar tells Irena, "Fuck off, psycho." (1:02)

Zohar asks Daffi, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:26)

Daffi tells Zohar, "You're crazy." (1:29)

Zohar: "I decided to... quit my minesweeper addiction..." (1:34)

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