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Cortney Palm, Rachel Melvin, Lexi Atkins, Jake Weary, Peter Gilroy, Hutch Dano
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Mary tells Zoe, "That's a raft you idiot." (0:08)

Mary tells Sam, "This is my cousin's house you idiot."
Tommy: "Let's get drunk." (0:22)

Sam tells Jenn, "But I was really drunk." (0:24)

Sam: "Oh, there's no way I'm drunk enough for this."
Mary: "You're drunk as any of the rest of us..." (0:27)

Mary: "You know, we're all just upset and drunk..."
Buck: "This may sound crazy, but..." (0:29)

Mary asks Sam, "Are you crazy?"
Zoe tells Jenn, "You are, like, such a hypochondriac." (0:33)

Mary, referring to a zombeaver, "Is he, like, on steroids or something?" (0:39)

Zoe: "You're insane Tommy." (0:46)

Sam tells Jenn, "Yeah, crazy... babies." (0:47)

Jenn turns into a zombeaver. Buck turns into a zombeaver. (0:58)

Neighbor Myrne has turned into a zombeaver." (1:02)

Hunter Smyth has turned into a zombeaver. Others, including the bear, have turned into zombeavers. (1:05)

Mary turns into a zombeaver. (1:09)

Truck driver: "What kind of workman's comp can you get for that?" (1:12)