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Fox Gideon asks bunny Judy, “What crazy world are you living in where you think a bunny could be a cop?”
”... and that killer instinct is still in our DNA.” (0:04)

Rookie police bunny Judy referring to Oryx and Kudu, “Crazy neighbors.” (0:13)

Oryx: “Hey buddy, turn down that depressing music.” (0:27)

Police chief Bogo tells Judy, referring to Mrs. Otterton, “Now, I’m going to open this door, and you’re going to tell that otter you’re a former meter maid with delusions of grandeur who will not be taking the case.” (0:32)

Con-fox Nick tells Judy, “You are welcome to the clue, and seeing as how any moron can run a plate...”
Judy: ”Any moron can run a plate? Gosh, if only there were a moron around...” (0:40)

Crime boss Mr. Big tells Judy, referring to missing florist Emmitt Otterton, “He went crazy.” (0:51)

Mayor Lionheart tells Doctor Madge Honey Badger, “Really, ‘cause I’ve got a dozen and a half animals here who have gone off-the-rails crazy, and you can’t tell me why.” (1:07)

Judy: “I’m so nervous.” (1:09)

Nick asks Judy, “Do you think I might go nuts?” (1:12)

Pop star Gazelle tells a reporter, “It’s a crazy, beautiful, diverse city...” (1:14)

Pastry chef Gideon tells Judy, “I had a lot of self-doubt, and it manifested itself in a form of unchecked rage and aggression.” (1:18)

Judy’s mom Bonnie tells Judy, referring to Judy’s uncle and Night Howler flowers, “Terry ate one whole when we were kids and went completely nuts.” (1:18)