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Presumed Innocent

Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Raul Julia, Bonnie Bedelia, Paul Winfield, Greta Scacchi, John Spencer, Joe Grifasi, Tom Mardirosian, Anna Maria Horsford, Sab Shimono, Bradley Whitford, Christine Estabrook, Michael Tolan
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Detective Dan Lipranzer tells deputy district attorney Rozat K. “Rusty” Sabich, referring to prosecuting attorney Carolyn Polhemus, "She's not going to let some sex maniac she sent to jail in for a beer." (0:10)

His wife Barbara tells Rusty, referring to Carolyn, "She's dead, and you’re still obsessing." (0:14)

Memorial service for Carolyn (0:14)

His son Nat tells Rusty, "Mom’s in a good mood." (0:24)

Coroner Dr. “Painless” Kumagai tells Rusty, referring to Carolyn, "She already died from multiple head injuries." (0:30)

Carolyn tells Rusty, "The boy was unconscious from severe head injuries... the doctor... told me he was treating a child whose mother had crushed his head in a vise." (0:37)

Rusty tells his defense attorney, Alejandro “Sandy” Stern, "Sabich is obsessed with Polhemus... Sabich becomes enraged... but in his haste and confusion he makes mistakes..." (1:01)

Sandy’s assistant Quentin "Jamie" Kemp tells policeman Glendenning, "We're not going to plant anything if that's what you're worried about." (1:10)

Rusty tells Jamie, "I don't remember Carolyn ever worrying about anything like that." (1:12)

Sandy answers Rusty: "Instinct." (1:24)

Sandy tells Rusty, "My first instinct is to begin with Barbara on the witness stand."
Sandy: ”... you were overwhelmed with a sexual obsession that took a wrong turn into rage when she ended the affair...,” (1:29)

Sandy tells Rusty, referring to Judge Larren L. Lyttle, "He was drinking much too heavily, and he fell into a relationship with a beautiful, but, uh, self-serving woman. the fact is, Larren himself grew suicidally depressed." (1:50)

Barbara tells Rusty, "A woman's depressed with herself, with life... She plan’s her suicide... another break-in by some sex-crazed man... ties her body in ways her husband described that perverts do..." (1:57)

Rusty: "I reached for Carolyn and set off that insane mix of rage and lunacy that led one human being to kill another." (2:03)