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A catalog of films, indexed by time, with content, themes or depictions related to mental illness, addiction and their treatment.

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His grandmother tells teacher Ugyen Dorji, "If you behave this way now, what will you do when I’m gone." (0:02)

The secretary tells Ugyen, "... I’ve never seen anyone less motivated than you." (0:03)

His friend Tandin asks Ugyen, "Why are you so obsessed with going to Australia?" 
Ugyen: ”You don’t have to worry about Grandma” (0:05)

Tandin tells Ugyen, "Don’t worry." (0:07)

Ugyen tells his grandmother, "Don’t worry about me." (0:11)

Guide Michen tells Ugyen, "... we were worried about you." (0:16)

Phurba answers Ugyen, "It’s an old habit..." (0:22)

Michen tells Ugyen, "Don’t worry..." (0:25)

Ugyen tells the village leader, "Asha, let me be honest with you." (0:38)

Michen tells Ugyen, referring to Wangda, "He’s always drunk..." (0:49)

- Long Shot (2019)
- Love, Divided

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