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A catalog of films, indexed by time, with content, themes or depictions related to mental illness, addiction and their treatment.

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Vivir dos veces

Mental status examination of retired mathematics professor Emilio
Examiner: "You have nothing to worry about" 
Emilio: ”Is there a reason why you’re talking to me like I’m retarded.” 
”You think I’m an idiot.” (0:03)

Dr. Rodriguez tells Emilio, "... it will go to the front section, which is the home of logical thought." (0:06)

Young Emilio tells young Margarita, "It’s a math symbol..." (0:07)

His drug representative daughter Julia tells Emilio, "I’m a medical visitor." (0:10)

Emilio tells his granddaughter Blanca, "I have…

- Long Shot (2019)
- Love, Divided
- The Doll (1919)

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